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Hi all. I've not been on here much since our 3rd cycle failed, but have picked myself up and starting our plan b. We've been for our donor egg pre appointment today and thought it might be useful for some of you who might be looking to go down the same route to know a little about the process.

First off we saw the nurse who talked us through the process. We were asked about characteristics of donor that was important to us - hair and eye colour and height being the main things. We pretty much said we were happy to go with most things - just want a healthy baby! We have asked for an altruistic and proven donor and to keep all the eggs as this is our 1 shot. We had options to egg share an altruistic donor and with someone going through treatment. Now we just wait for a call to say we've been matched! The waiting list at our clinic is only around 2 months so hopefully not too long before we get going. The most complicated bit is matching cycles. I will go on the lovely down reg drugs again while the donor is on the pill. Once I've down regged, she stops pills and starts stims. Then just wait for the call to say when hubby needs to supply his sample. Then transfer as normal.

We also had to have a counselling appointment which was really useful. As well as exploring how we felt, she also discussed telling the child and the process around the child being able to contact the donor when they reach 18.

Feeling really positive about the process and hope this is the route that finally helps us towards our dream of becoming parents. Also feel so grateful to those donors out there who are helping those of us who would never have a chance of success otherwise and hope they know what a precious gift they are giving.

Good luck to all out there on their cycles at the moment xx

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  • That's great news, have a look at my posts as we just started our 4th cycle but 1st using DE. Like you we choose an altruistic donor and are thrilled with the results so far, we have our transferred tomorrow. Any questions feel free to message me and most of all good luck πŸ€πŸ€

  • Hi Button. I remember we had some of our earlier cycles at the same time! I've seen your posts and what an amazing number of embryos you have! Sounds like you've had a really positive experience and will have some lovely blastocysts to transfer tomorrow. It is such a tough journey to get to this point but hope DE us the answer for both if us. Wishing you lots of luck for tomorrow and your 2ww xx

  • Thanks and keep in touch xxx

  • So much luck for tomorrow Mrs xxx

  • Thanks x

  • As a woman going through this too I can wholeheartedly say I have the largest amount of respect for women who make this decision and work their way through the grief and mourning and anger to come out the other end and choose this route as an option. Good look Anna xx

  • It is hard to come to terms with, but not as hard as the thought of not getting to be a mum at all. I feel very grateful to have this as an option and the hope it gives for people like us. Where are you in the process? Xx

  • That is so true. I realised that at the point we decided to go ahead. The relief that the journey wasn't over. Start meds early April xx

  • Good luck for your treatment. Let me know how you get on xx

  • Hi there, just wanted to wish you all the very best! I will be undergoing my first DE IVF in May, although we have chosen to go abroad. We have booked our donor and I start meds on Friday...

    Would love to know how you get on so please write if you get a chance.

    Fingers very firmly crossed xx

  • Oooo you must be just ahead of me! We go in May too! x

  • Good luck to you too. Good to hear there are a few of us DE girls around at the moment and hoping we all have some good results πŸ€πŸ€

  • Hi Anna, what clinic are you using? I've had 2 mc's from 2 treatment cycles so we are considering this as an option too. I am in Scotland and our waiting lists here are anything from 7 months or more x

  • I'm with care in the midlands. They did say they had 6-7 month waits as recently as october last year, but have had a big influx of donors recently. Think they do recruitment drives regularly. I don't know if the have a branch in Scotland as have a few sites over the UK x

  • What clinic you looking at where this is an option?we in Scotland too xx

  • I did my 2 NHS cycles at the Glasgow Royal. Looking to save up to go private next year but just not sure where yet x

  • There are only two private options .gcrm or nuffield clinics or continue at royal and pay xx

  • We're using the Nuffield in Glasgow. Only at the start of our treatment but the staff have been great and appointments really fast. It is expensive but they have a price list on their website that gives you all the prices so you know what you are aiming for (mind you my OH had a mini heart attack when the genetic tests he needed cost Β£720 πŸ˜‚) xx

  • We used DE for our 3rd Round, sadly it didn't work for us.

    I hope you get a good number of lovely mature eggs.

  • Sorry to hear it didn't work for you. It's our only go with DE so hoping we get some good luck going our way, but know nothing is certain in this process. Xx

  • I am so interested in this and am following post. Write hope to have a 3rd go with my eggs but am open to looking into this as it may be an option we need to consider and I plan to ask about it next week. Can i ask a daft question..what is an altruistic donor? We know Nada about this xxx

  • It's a donor who volunteers to donate her eggs. The other type of donor is an egg sharer - someone who is going through ivf themselves but gives away half her eggs to reduce the cost of treatment. You can also share eggs from an altruistic donor which is usually same cost as egg sharer going through ivf, and the eggs are split between 2 recipients. They have told us success rates are similar, but as this is going to be our only go, we wanted best shot and might get a few for the freezer too for further goes or siblings if we are lucky enough to be successful. Only down side of not sharing is higher price! Xx

  • Thanks so much for clearing that up xx

  • Glad u asked Hun as I didn't know either!! x

  • Lol I have no shame..this process has taught me thatπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰xx

  • We haven't reached the DE decision yet as are just about to start our first round but given my age it's on my mind already. I just wanted to say thanks for such an informative post and wish you all the very best of luck with your cycle. Really hope it's successful for you, will be following with interest. X

  • Thank you. Hope your cycle goes well xx

  • Great info and congrats on starting this route on your journey to parenthood. Relieved to hear the waiting time isn't as long as I had been lead to believe. I'm not getting any younger sonwas concerned if we do look at this option later on that wait times may be against us.

    Wishing u the best of luck x

  • The wait can vary and was 6 months at our clinic at the end of last year but feel really lucky that they've recently had an influx. It can be so hard deciding which path to take in this process. Best wishes for your journey too, whatever it may be xx

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