January cycle update!

So I was due to start norethisterone 1st of January and had to start yesterday, as had a scan due to having random brown spotting which they was concerned over as had chemical in October....turns out I bloody ovulated about 2 weeks ago!!!! I can't beleive it I never ovulate I was stunned! to make it worse we completley missed the egg as was sunburnt in egypt!

It showed I was due to have period but they didn't want me to come on after 16th as that would mess whole cycle and we would have to postpone! so will have a forced period with norethisterone then day 2 of period I have to take the pill until 14th January.....

Baseline is 19th hubby's birthday praying for it to be successful don't know how much more heartache I can take.

Think there's a few of us with January cycle

Wishing the best for everyone xx

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  • This is so a sign this is going 2 be ur lucky cycle i can feel it...u dont ovulate yet u did this time u had the brown spotting to show the sign then on top ur having ur baseline on hubbys birthday i so think this is the cycle thats going to get u ur BFP x x x

  • Eeek! πŸ™ˆ omg can you imagine if it is! love what you put! has made me feel so much more positive.....thank you x

  • I no we dont no each other but theres so many signs that show this is ment 2 happen now..i cant wait 2 hear u get ur BFP i just have a really good feeling 4 u x x x

  • We had 2 losses this year with ivf one at 9+2 and 4+6 so this would be absolutely amazing for it to be 3rd time lucky. if my transfer is 2nd Feb my OTD will be Valentine's lol ❀x

  • See theres another sign what better day to get ur BFPπŸ˜†..so sorry for ur losses i also had a loss at 7 wks in august my very first ever BFP with my first Fet with 2 day 5 embryos..ive been told if am lucky enough 2 get another BFP anytime i should start taking 75mg of baby aspirin from day of result to help prevent miscarriage..theres just so many special signs for ur cycle ur rainbow baby will be this cycleπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›β€

  • Yeah I did aspirin last time, I'm so sorry you had to go through that it is truly devasting and I also got my first ever bfp with ivf....they giving me Steroids this time I think so will see I am loving the OTD ha....where are you in your cycle? x

  • U cant get a better day to test then the day of love lol..i start my injectioms torrow for my Fet in jan..am sure the steroids will do the trick this time babez keep positive x x x

  • Oh wow do you! that's awesome. e, so when will your baseline be? we might be similar dates! wish you loads of luck let's hope we both get our take home baby next year xx

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