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Hi all, I hope your all well and keeping positive. My update is I am due to start nhs ivf cycle in April but they have said it's fine to do a private cycle in between!!

So we have an appointment tomorrow with a clinic- my problem is I have a work trip planned for mid January and I'm not sure what happens in the ivf process and if I can still travel.

My period day 1 will be 27th December and my trip is scheduled for day 19 to day 24 of my cycle (I have 24-26 day cycles) if I was on the short protocol would I be able to travel? I have looked up all the info but I'm not clear when you start meds and scans.

I'm more than willing to cancel the trip - I hate lying but I will have to make up something like a planned gyne operation being brought forward... the lying is stressing me more than sorting this out!

Any help would be very appreciated

Love and best wishes to all xx

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  • Are you sure you need short protocol as that will change everything anyway. I had long so no guarantees process is the same, but I had scan 1 week after day 1 if period, then started stimming injections. Then was scanned about a week after that, then every 2 days. If you have long protocol, you need to start day 21 of previous cycle to 'down reg'. However, all clinics do seem to do things differently but they should be able to give you a better idea of timescales when you go for your appointment. If your trip is only 1 or 2 days, some of the scans cam flex by a day or 2, but not when you are near to egg collection as that is determined by the day your follicles get to a determined size. Don't know if that helps but this can be an unpredictable process! Xx

  • Thank you ana0908, I'm assuming I'm on the short as that's what my nhs one will be due to my levels and age. But your right nothing seems tonne straight forward x

  • I'm 38 with amh of 5.1 but always done long protocol with good results in terms of embryos created. I was expecting short protocol but my clinic felt long protocol would be better for me. All my were private as no nhs funding in my area for raised fsh which I also have! I assume it's a different clinic? And not just your nhs one which does private and nhs? Xx

  • Hi GreenApples. I'm sure that when you have your appointment tomorrow, the clinic will work out if it's OK for you to go on your trip or not. Good luck with whatever is decided and for a straightforward treatment cycle. Diane

  • Thanks Diane. Fingers crossed x

  • I think all clinics are different. I'm 29 with an AMH of 8 and I'm doing the short protocol. I would keep an open mind for your appointment tomorrow. Hope everything works out for you as planned.

  • Thank you I'll update you tomorrow xx

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