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Hi guys, I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine ☀️ I’m about to start cycle three this week and feel a bit in the dark. I am on a cycle which is different to the standard cycle offered at my NHS clinic. It has been devised by one of the lead consultants which I am v grateful for. I did the usual calling in on day one and was expecting a call back regarding drugs and timetable but haven’t heard anything. I called today (cd13) to chase and the nurse didn’t sound too sure about things and didn’t know whether I had my meds on not. I don’t have them yet and I am due to start norethisterone on Saturday. I am sure it will all sort itself out 😬

I just wondered if anyone could give me an idea what to expect with the norethisterone. Google tells me it is usually prescribed to delay a period. Does anyone know how long it is usual to take it for on IVF and when your period would come? My notes for instructions were hand written by the nurse on the standard form they give so it just days cd18 norethisterone; from d1 - d8 of bleed clomid; d2 bemfola; day 8 cetrotide.

If anyone has taken a similar combination I’d love to hear more. We did a monitored cycle of clomid in January and it was horrible with hot flushes galore. Yay!

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For IVF I was taking northisterone for a week. Made me a little sleepy but that was it. Period came about 5 days later.

Ash2016 in reply to CJem18

Thanks for the reply x

Hi ash2016.

I’m just about to start my first IVF cycle. I came on my period yesterday so rang the clinic this morning to let them know and i’m to take Norethisterone from day 21, when i asked how long i’d be taking it for they said until they’ve told me to stop, i’ll have an appt around day 21 for our consent and teach appt and we’ll pick my medication up then.

I haven’t heard very nice things about Norethisterone, and from what i’ve been told by different women everyone seems to have been taking it for different time scales which range from 3 - 10 days and have been told that from taking your last tablet your period should come 2-5 days later.

Hope that helps and good luck on your cycle xx

Ash2016 in reply to Nickimidge

Thanks Nicki, that’s really helpful. I got off lightly with side effects for first two cycles so sounds like I’ll be making up for it this time 😬We should only be a couple of weeks apart!

What other drugs will you be taking? Good luck 🤞for first time lucky x

Nickimidge in reply to Ash2016

Your welcome Ash, i’ve been warned about very heavy bleeding after the Norethisterone aswell, so maybe prepare yourself for that, i’m dreading that bit.

I haven’t recieved any treatment plan infomation at all from my clinic yet, so don’t know what drugs i’ll be on, which is making me rather anxious to be honest, the clinic were very vague (again) when i phoned up today, just said to await a letter through the post with our consent forms and next appt which will be around day 21. Xx

Ash2016 in reply to Nickimidge

Ive just read your recent posts about the heavy bleeding. I have very light periods and short cycles so hopefully this won’t affect me (here’s hoping anyway!). I totally get the anxiety. Although I know the drugs the lack of information & contact from clinic is making me stress. As if it wasn’t stressful enough. Hope your letter arrives soon x

Nickimidge in reply to Ash2016

Its awful isn’t it, i’m assuming your like me and need to be or feel in control. Like you say its stressful enough! Not knowing how long i’ll be taking the norethisterone is driving me insane on its own, i feel like i can’t work out timeframes because of it 😂🤦🏼‍♀️. The clinic are normally really quick at getting letters out so i’m hoping i’ll have it sooner rather than later!

Fingers crossed you’ll get a bit more infomation from your clinic soon aswell xx

Hiya, I use norethisterone regularly due to an irregular cycle. I'm currently taking it, (just one day left) so that I can get ready for my FET. I think everyone has different experiences of norethisterone, I get lots of cramping but apart from that it's been fine xx

Ash2016 in reply to JKT90

Thanks JKT90, glad to hear not everyone’s experience is bad. Good luck with your FET x

Hi ash, I had worse side affect with noretheristone than I did with the meds for my ivf cycle. I had really bad cramps, serious bloating, headaches and when my period came it was so heavy and I was only on it for 6 days. If you've not had side effects previously hopefully you will be ok. From what I've read, clinics put you on it to time your period so that they can dictate when you start your cycle and fit in with when they have staff available xx

Ash2016 in reply to AnnieAnnie

Thanks Annie. Hopefully I will dodge these side effects 🤞 xxx

The problem of infertility is because of the hormonal inefficiency. Anyone who has infertility is initially confronted with the disturbed hormonal imbalance. In the early stage the mother is treated with the medications. Before going for the extreme procedures the doctors usually recommend for the treatments that can enhance the hormonal performance. One such treatment is administered through the medication called norethisterone. It is an artificially created form of the progestin. It has an extended impact upon the female hormone called progesterone. It is used to deal with the problems that can lead to the infertility in future. They include the menstrual disturbance, unnecessary vaginal bleeding and much more. People seeking birth control also use this medication for the treatment. It is an excellent solution for those who are suffering from endometrial cancer. Despite its several benefits it has certain limitations and side effects too. To stay safe during its usage, it is highly recommended to take it according to the doctor's advice.

Thanks lovely.

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