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Hi ladies, i've been reading alot recently how vitamin e can massively help fertility and help thicken womb lining and implantation. Due to my thin womb lining I have decided to start taking it ahead (hopefully) of my fet in jan. Is anyone else taking it and if do what strength as I was advised to start on 200mg and work up as with it promoting blood flow too high a dose can make you feel faint. I'm on 400gm now, one in the morning and the evening x

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  • I don't know much about vitamin e -but anything that can give you an extra chance is worth doing.

    I want to wish you the very best with your upcoming IVF -hope it brings you a positive test x

  • Aw thank you Jess1981 thats lovely of you to say, and I hope you also get your bfp very soon xx

  • Our consultant advised that I start taking vitamins A-E, zinc and Omega 3. The nurse who followed joked that he loves his supplements but I thought why not! So I'm taking them. The pregnacare pre-baby pills have vitamin e (and others) in. I'm afraid I don't know the strength.

    We're due to start in Jan as well so I'll be thinking of you! All the best x

  • Hello baby2016

    Just for some info that u might find usefull therecommended daily allowance of vit e is 12mg. Vitamin e is easily removed from foods by processing. Cheaper supplements use a synthetic form denoted by a 'dl' in front of the 'tocopherol' so on the bottle of vit e if it mentions the above dont buy that ine as its in its synthetic form. Studies suggest that this form 'dl tocopherol' is less active in the body so its better if u get the vitmin e with the label saying d tocopherol which is a natural form. I hope this helps. U mentioned u were advised to take 200mg was this ur dr recomendation. Plz do confirm with ur dr before going for any form of the vit e. Xxx

  • Hi bibi_16 thank you for your reply, very useful :) i'm looking at my bottle now and it calls if d-alpha tocopherol, so which does that fall into? Sorry I meant 200iu not mg! Haha! x

  • d lpha is better than dl. I hope everything works out well for u.

  • I can't help much with dir experiences, but I have read lots about vit D , that plays huge role in implantation

  • Thanks nicknick, I too have read that so been on vitamin D for the last 4 months ☺️

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