Late implantation

Please help, as I am freaking out. My first ivf was unsuccessful. But after harvesting I was left with 4, 5day embryos in the freezer.

I have been asked to track my cycle so that the embryo can be placed in naturally.

I ovulated late on day 18 of my cycle. So now the embryo will be transfered in 6 days time.

My worry is that after transfer, that leaves a maximum of 5 days and then my period is due.

Surly that is not enough time for my embryo to latch and my womb lining will already start to shed.

I am so scared right now and I can't speak to anyone as the centre is shut until Monday.

Has anyone been through this before?

Thanks kaff

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  • Natural process should be better my clinic didn't give me the option to do a natural fet and mine didn't work I felt I had too much medication inside me which took 3 weeks to get out of my system I really wanted a natural frozen embryo transfer good luck really hope yours works xxx

  • Hi Kaff. I don't know much about natural transfers but usually when you ovulate late that means your period will also be late i.e. your body would usually have a period 14 days after ovulation (whenever that happens) giving the embryo 8 days to implant if transferred 6 days after you ovulate. This must be the case otherwise the clinic wouldn't use ovulation as the starting point for calculating when the transfer would happen. Try not to worry, I'm sure the clinic wouldn't use this method if it wasn't a reasonable way of doing things! xx

  • Thank you. I know it sounds silly, I am just so use to getting my period at the end of the month. Thank you so much. I don't want to tell my family about it as it may not work so have no one to talk to .

  • oh bless you! It doesn't sound silly at all, this whole IVF business is very confusing and scary at times. There's a lovely bunch of ladies on this forum so if you ever need anyone to talk to who understands what you're going through you will find them here :) lots of luck xxx

  • Hi Kaff21,

    I have just had a natural frozen transfer today so I can tell you what I know....

    When you say you've ovulated on day 18, do you mean you got your LH Surge? (Smiley face on ovulation test?)

    If so then this means that you'll ovulate 1-2 days after the LH Surge - it doesn't mean you're ovulating.

    I had my LH Surge last Sunday 12th March and 6 days later (today) I had the transfer - I'm due to do a pregnancy test on 29th March (due on my period 27th) and I had a 5 day embryo, like you.

    Does this help? xxxxx

  • Yes it did, thank you. It was just a smily face. I know it sounds stupid.

    Thank you so much for your reply. Wishing you all the best for the next 10 days. X

  • Hi Kaff21, I did a natural Frozen cycle in Feb. I surged on day 9 and had mine transferred 5 or 6 days later, can't remember exactly. I have a 26/27 day cycle and my test date was the day I was due, which sadly came bang on que. I don't think my clinic like you to surge after day 16, as on my notes it said if you'd not surged by day 16 to let them know. Your problem would be more you would have a short luteral phase period. Speak to your clinic on Mon, but if your hurt tells you not to use this cycle then don't do it, embryos are far too prescious and you want to feel like everything is completely right when you use them otherwise it will play on your mind after. It's such a shame you have no-one to talk too. We will all help and advise where we can xx

  • I am sorry it did not work this time. I know it is hard.

    I have told them repeatedly that it is day 18, they seem to think it's going to be ok.

    Thank you for your kind words . Fingers crossed for you.

  • Hi Kaff21. I agree with "Strawb86".Remember too that a blastocyst will implant soon after transfer- your lining should be nice and receptive at the point of transfer. Trust your clinic, they want the best for you too. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Sounds like there was good reassurances from the girls on here! Wishing u all the best with your transfer xxx

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