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Hi Everyone, I'm writing because I feel so lost. We were meant to have a transfer on Friday (we've done 6 transfers already, that's a lot of 2WW!) but the two embryos died on thawing. Life feels pretty bleak at the moment. I feel like I need to move on but I don't even have the energy to do anything, except eat and drink.

Much love to anyone else experiencing this. I don't have much hope anymore.


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  • So sorry to hear this. It is just heart breaking this whole journey. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Have you had ivf or icsi? Sounds like you need a really good rest over Christmas and new year. Do you have an idea where you might go from here? Take care xxx

  • Thanks for your reply Katya. Yes it's brutal, had several IVFs now and feel so knocked down by it I can't imagine ever feeling better again. We still have a frozen to 'use up' then we'all look into adoption. What about you? Xxx

  • We ve been through a failed icsi in July and recently found out my amh levels are only at 1.6 so next to no chance of conceiving. We were advised to go for donor eggs which I had intended to do but after another pregnancy scare just couldn't go through it anymore. We ve recently applied for adoption feel a massive weight has been lifted xxx

  • It is so good to hear the weight has been lifted! There is hope. Xxx

  • Realllly feeel your pain sweetheart. Its justnot fair .x do take a good rest. Thinking of u.x

  • Thanks bibi xxx

  • Hi Maria. Haven't seen you on here in a while and wondered how you were getting on. Sorry to hear your embie didn't survive the thawing process. I can only imagine how gutted you are feeling. Look after yourself and take some time out over Christmas for yourself. I really really pray your next cycle works for you. I have everything crossed. Xxx

  • Thanks Lianm8, I've just seen your beautiful 20 week scan, so cute! Xxxx

  • Thanks Lianm8, I've just seen your beautiful 20 week scan, so cute! Xxxx

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