Feel like crying 😭

Ladies I know this will be TMI but I just went to the toilet and when I wiped there was some blood discharge. I feel like crying so much, this obviously means my period is coming. Iv had sharp period pains this morning and then it stopped. I thought this was my chance to become a mummy but don't think it's meant to be :(

Currently 9dp3dt

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  • Please don't give up hope! My friend had a massive bleed at 11dpo and was convinced she had come on her period, turns out it was implantation bleeding and she's now 14 weeks pregnant :) xx

  • I really don't think it's implantation bleeding, it'd very light and only when I wipe. I just think my period is coming x

  • I'm so sorry.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it's implantation bleeding. Wishing you a Bfp on test day x

  • Thanks Jess, test date is next Monday but feel like I will start my period before. Hate this feeling

  • Darling keep your chin up!

    When are you due to test? As My doctor said you may have lower back pains, bleeding or cramps and she said you still need to test on the date you were recommended on. As she has had many clients still pregnant with these signs.

    I have everything crossed for you!


  • Hey Charlotte my test date is next Monday. But my stomach hurts like period pains x

  • Please try and stop testing until you have too. Otherwise you are causing more unwanted stress on yourself. Your already stressing about if you can see a line or not.

    Trust me I totally understand what your going through and I have everything crossed for you.


  • Bleeding could be anything. Sometimes it just means you need a higher dose of progesterone. How much are you on? Xx

  • Hi BabyD, I'm currently taking one in the morning and one in the evening. Just don't feel positive tbh

  • Iv had spotting as well this morning and we are exactly the same stage x

  • It's a horrible feeling to have hun. I hope it's not over but feel like it will be. I thought that after a crappy year this would be the good news I needed. But guess just have to wait and see what will happen in the next few hours/days x

  • My clinic told me to carry on with the progesterone till otd it seems so pointless but il do

  • Guys I know it's really hard but you two need to stop worrying until your official test date. I had a friend who didn't even know she was pregnant until she went into labour (gods honest truth) - she still had periods as normal and had absolutely no symptoms and very little growth which she put down to just gaining a little weight. Spotting DOES NOT mean you're not pregnant so try to stop stressing yourself until you know 100% either way xx

  • I agree with Baby D. My consultant told me to ignore bleeding unless very heavy because it means so many things. She said she's had BFPs with bleeding so just hang on in there til test day xxx

  • Thank you ladies for you comments, I will hold out and rest on official test day. Just have such cramps happening at the moment like I'm about to come on. Thank you xx

  • Have you still got your bleeding mine has stopped but iv still got af cramps x

  • Hey Natalie mines stopped to for the time being, il see what tommorrow brings. iv had alot of sharp period pains where I just think I'm about to start right now!! X

  • That's exactly how I feel it's really odd that we both had egg collection the same day and even both put our bleeding post up the same time let's hope it's implantation bleeding for us both xx

  • I hope so Natalie, I had really light bleeding again and my stomach hurts like period pains. Il hold out for a little longer. Hope your ok x

  • Iv started bleeding again and it's red this is my period x

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