6dp2dt - Dog acting very weird!

So it's 6dp2dt for me and what on earth is going on? My dog was sniffing the air a lot today but this evening he's gone crazy! Flipping around the room, sniffing the air and then sniffing himself when he's near me. He finally decided to sniff me and once he did he literally jumped off of my sofa in what I can only describe as a fit of fear and RAN to the other sofa so fast I thought he was going to injure himself!! Now when I go near him he starts breathing really heavily and turns his head away from me!!! Really really hoping this is a good sign.... (combined with my very low very mild cramping for the past few days!) xx

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  • Dogs have much more sensitive noises than us so hopefully he's sniffed out pregnancy hormones. They're looking into using dogs for cancer screening so why not for other medical tests.

    Good luck I hope you get a BFP and the dog calms down.

  • He's still like it today haha thank you !! Xx

  • Oh that's weird, hopefully your dog smells good news! Fingers crossed, that would be crazy!!x

  • I'll keep you all updated!! We still aren't friends and he's totally freaked out when I go near him. He's started crying when I try and fuss him today!! X

  • I could of wrote this post, I am 6dp5dt and my dog keeps sniffing the air, staring at me and just looking unsettled. Keeps sniffing where I have sat. She did this before when I was pregnant, but sadly miscarried so I hardly dared try to believe it... and then I see your post...I would like to think for you it's good news...fingers crossed..keep us posted..xxxx

  • Oh I hope so!! And for you too! Sorry to hear about your misscarriage xx

  • Pains are much sharper today! Plus he was absolutely fine all morning until I came downstairs!! (I'm the last one up lol) - as soon as I got downstairs he started being weird and sniffing me &I the air again and barking at me!!

  • Probably a good sign my boy dog goes crazy when I get a period like a little pervert licking my feet and panting. Fingers crossed all good xxxx

  • My dog and my cat are very switched on to this pregnancy, my dog especially is very interested in my bump, and my cat kneads it all the time! Both times I went into labour she was circling and meowing on the bed before my waters burst. One time over her! She needed to go to the groomers as there was all sorts of bits in her fur! 😬

    Pets are mega sensitive and any change In behaviour like that I would take as a good sign.

    Good luck!

  • I can't believe I've still got over a week until my test date!! Xx

  • So my dog still doesn't like me!! Xx

  • How's it going?? Would love to hear if the dog has guessed!! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xx

  • I won't be testing until Wednesday so will let you know then :) xx

  • Exciting!! Keeping everything crossed!! Xx

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