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Been feeling really emotional these last few days, id guess down to the hormones and my moods have been all over the place.

I've known for ages my hubby is going to football today with a mate and they'd be gone all day but now he's gone I feel so angry at him. I know he's entitled to go out enjoy himself but I just feel so left in limbo atm. It's my nieces birthday so I'm going round to see her which will be lovely.

I know I'm being really unfair giving him a hard time I just can't seem to stop myself πŸ˜”

16 Replies

Oh no 😞 Those bloody hormones, don't get yourself down. Your Hubby will be back before you know it.

Hopefully you will go see niece and your day will turn out better with lots of love, smiles and fun. X

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E_05 in reply to Dream32

Thank you, yeah I always feel better for seeing her and helps being around the family. Hope your doing okay x

Good morning E_05. It is totally understandable how you are feeling!! You have been pumped full of hormones and are now pregnant so even more hormones will be flowing through your body! Plus you have the constant worry about your first scan and I would imagine that is relentless. I can completely relate to how you feel towards your husband as over the past few months there have been a few times when my husband has arranged to go golfing and I felt so mad when he left... I never ended up saying to him and just gave him the silent treatment which I know is unfair. I feel as though my husband is my security blanket through all the fertility treatments and processes, when he leaves I feel a bit of panic. I never ever felt like that before we started on this ttc journey. My husband is golfing tomorrow and I strangely encouraged him this time to go, I figure if it gives him some time to switch off and feel 'normal' for a few hours then it can only be a good thing. In saying that, tomorrow morning I will probably go back to being irrational and giving him the silent treatment! Try to enjoy your niece's birthday today and plan something nice for you and your husband to do tomorrow. Thinking of you. Xx

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E_05 in reply to Lou9

Thank you for your lovely message, your so right about him being a security blanket I know he needs some time out but I guess I feel like I don't get them days - think they need to invent an off switch for during fertility treatment and beginning of pregnancy πŸ˜‚

Was lovely to see my niece she always makes me smile, hope your enjoying you weekend xx

Hello hope you are feeling a bit better now. My OH went out with his mates last night and I was all on my lonesome - he hardly ever goes out though so I didn't mind too much. Watched a film. Was funny seeing him merry when he got back. Have a lovely time at your niece's birthday. He'll be back before you know it xxx

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E_05 in reply to Fredaflintstone

Thank you, was lovely to see her she's such a funny character. Think I might stick on a film and wait for him to return probably quite merry to as he hasn't drunk in months lol xx

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Fredaflintstone in reply to E_05

Glad it sounds like you are feeling better. Try and do something nice together tomorrow if you can xx

Oh dear, all these issues. I am really sorry for you. It can be really hard dealing with hormones and stuff. Try not to be angry at your hubby... He is not leaving you or anything like that. He'll be back before you know. I think by now he should be back with you. Happy birthday to your lovely niece. How old is she now? Try to concentrate on here and enjoy the family time. It's gonna really help being around people that you love and love you back. Somehow love is the best medicine. I really hope everything gets back to normal as soon as possible. Stary strong my dear because better days are coming. WIsh you all the best in the world. I will keep you in my prayers tonight xx

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E_05 in reply to Alessia

Thank you, I know never worry that he's leaving it's just as Lou9 said they become like a security blanket. She was 7 today, has a very cheeky personality so always cheers me up. Hope your doing okay xx

Totally get your post!!! Hormones are so hard..., try to keep your chin up oxo

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E_05 in reply to Leesara

Thank you xx

I know how you feel. My hubby is out tonight at a gig. Even though I know I don't have the energy for it and would rather be snuggled in bed, I still feel jealous. It's an awkward time because I don't want to see friends at the mo and have the why aren't you drinking? So I'm hiding at home lol. But I can't make hubby do the same. He'll go stir crazy! I think he's starting to understand my feelings now and I'm trying to be understanding that the needs a release too. Especially since the ivf journey is so tough on both of us!

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E_05 in reply to C_L_A_I_R_E

Thank you, your so right I know I wouldn't have the energy either was glad for a lie down on the sofa yesterday afternoon πŸ˜‚ it definitely is a roller coaster journey that doesn't get any easier even with positive news, hope your doing okay x

I had a similar experience yesterday, my OH went out for the day visiting friends and his mom, he didn't get back till late and I was p'd when he finally did. Not that I necessarily wanted to be out for all that time, don't have the energy, I just expected him to want to spend more time with me given the current situation.

As I type this I realise how ridiculous it is but I guess hormones aren't rational!

Don't beet yourself up too much, you're not 100% in control πŸ˜‰. It must be weird for them too as they're not physically connected to the whole process and god knows what going through their heads

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E_05 in reply to AMH2

Thank you, ah I'm exactly the same I knew I was being stupid yesterday but couldn't stop myself in a way. I think I feel like I'm constantly worrying yet he can go off out and enjoy himself even though I know deep down he doesn't stop worrying either. It'll all be worth it in the end, hope your okay x

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AMH2 in reply to E_05

Yep I was exactly the same! I'm fine thanks, it's gonna be a long 9 months 😜 but well worth it. I've been reading "what to expect when you're expecting", we really have a lot of fun & not so fun things ahead!!

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