Wishful thinking!!

My OH had a bad day at work so came home & opened a couple of cans! Now I don't know whether it was that we were sat on bed instead of sofa (closer proximity?) or that the window was open with breeze blowing past him to me or that I haven't had a drink in so long I was very focussed on his beverage but DAMN that beer stunk! I felt like every time he breathed the whole room was filled with beer stink!! It was actually really getting on my nerves & im relieved he's sleeping in front room 2nite cos of an early start!!

I know wishful thinking that my sense of smell is suddenly increased!! U just can't help looking out for every little thing!! Still nothing else tho x

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  • When I got my bfp on my 2nd cycle my sense of smell was so strong, could be a good sign xxx

  • I thought the milk was off yesterday to even tho fresh opened.BUT on the other side I made an air freshener with loads of essential oil and couldn't smell a thing when I sprayed it so who knows!?!😩 Thank god I got a bit of work on from today to stop me going mad!!x

  • Ooooo I so hope so... My sense of smell was like that... Everything crossed 🀞 xx

  • πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» feel a bit periody this morning so so difficult to know!! X

  • πŸ™ pray not.. That's also how pregnancy feels though do don't lose hope.. Big hugs xxx

  • I also feel periody and sick this morning but sick is a side effect of the lubion injections I am on x x

  • Oh no Button, hope u feel better soon x

  • Sure I will feel better once I know lol. Is your OTD tomorrow?? X

  • No it would be tomoro if I was doing bloods but clinic told me if I prefer home test have to wait til Sunday! I hated bloods last time as the just sent result thru-I didn't know what the number meant so it was quite upsetting still not knowing what my result was til the clinic contacted me x

    Yours is Saturday I take it?

  • I see I have always done hpt and at least that way I can have a melt down at home. My OTD is Tuesday 😞

  • Ah that seals it for me as I was tempted to test a bit early as I thought they were telling me a bit late to test but u are a day behindme so if yours said Tuesday, it can't be late

    Seems a lifetime away doesn'tit? x

  • Certainlydoes but I am hoping once tomorrow at work is done at least it will be weekendand time to relax at home xx

  • yes that'll make a big difference xx

  • It's a sign!! Keep believing hunny β€πŸŒˆπŸ’‹

  • Hope so Hun xxx

  • Mine was like that last time so fingers crossed for you! Xx

  • How are you feeling Hun? x

  • Good I'm feeling quite positive. I had bad cramps yesterday (which I had last time so hoping a good sign) and my nipples are changing which didn't happen last time so I'm hoping this ones a little stronger and survives xx

  • Oh that sounds really promising!! I think it's my numb boobs that r making me think no.no aches at all very periody this morning x

  • Periody doesn't mean it hasn't worked I felt like that a lot last time xx

  • Fingers crossed xxx

  • Fingers crossed it a good sign!xx

  • Thank u xxx all starting for u 2moro!! Best of luck xx

  • Thank you, will be glad to get onto the stims to start feeling a bit more like myself!xx

  • Fingers x'd! I felt periody with aches and cramps both times, lasted for a couple of weeks at least so doesn't mean it's a bad sign. Nature's cruel with making symptoms the same for both! Last time didn't u feel period much nearer to ur test date? Fingers and toes crossed!x

  • oh and I had no other symptoms at all, not even after BFP. x

  • I'm trying to remember when I started feeling periody but last time I would've tested tomoro cos it was bloods now it's only Sunday cos it's home test so really I'm still feeling due on the day b4 I guess if that makes sense? x

  • Ah ok yeah that makes sense. U have willpower not testing with a sensitive tmrw then! I'm terrible, I'd be ripping open the wrapper 1st thing, prob with my teeth to get into faster lol! Hope that periody feeling = good news! x

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