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I didn’t tell anyone about my problems, I thought it’s too personal…but here I can sort of confess. My name is Marie, I’m 38. When I was a teen, my parents always told me I am special…and they were right. Unfortunately, I’m special not in that way I would like to be. My first visit to the gynecologist was at the age of 13 when I was concerned about absence of periods. The diagnosis was simple - Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, MRKH. I was shocked then depressed. I always dreamt about a big family but I vaginal aplasia means that I will never bear a child.

I still want to have 3 children. I have a high-paid job and some money from my parents, so according to the prices on the internet I can afford a surrogate mother. But the main difficulty is that I don’t have a husband. In many clinics he is a must… I’m dating with a nice guy and I’m waiting for him to make me a proposal. If so, I need to know where to find a surrogate mother in order to make this things go faster. Here, in France, surrogacy isn’t allowed. Which European clinics have great results according to your own opinion? According to their sites they all are the best, but…I’d like to know about a real person experience.

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  • I can recommend you to do a research on ukrainian clinics. I went through surrogacy treatment ovet there and am not disappointed a bit! I am now a mother of a boy of 2!

    I'd say their prices are cheap and services are on high level. Of course, you have to make the decision for yourself, and there is not a perfect clinic in the world. So I would advise you to contact whatever clinic you choose and consult with their manager.

  • Thank you, TeapartyAlice!

    Actually I'm almost decided to go to Ukraine. One of the clinics there is very popular and has great results according to reviews of those who now have children.

    Do you mean any particular clinic? because I read more about biotex and I like its ways of service.

  • Have you searched the forums on fertilityfriends? They have many threads by country for different clinics and a whole section on surrogacy internationally

    Good luck x

  • Oh my - it's a treasure trove on there. But do use the 'search' box because sometimes it's very hard to find the information you want!

  • Thanks a lot!! I didn't know about it.