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Surrogacy: Georgia or Ukraine?


Hello sweeties!

I’m new here but hope to get your support. I’m 40 and you can call me Lorenza. My story began 5 years ago when I was giving a birth to my only child and uterine rupture has occurred during a labor. Fortunately, my son and I were alright but I can’t bear one more child.

Now I’m sure I want a daughter…I was looking for different clinics and agencies, which can find surrogate mothers, but there are plenty of them. In my country such procedures are not allowed, thus I need to look for surrogacy abroad. Ladies share your experience, please! Which country to choose, which clinic? I will be appreciating for every piece of information especially about Georgian and Ukrainian clinics. Another thing I’d like to know - is there an opportunity to choose a surrogate mother? Of course, I know that her features are not important as she is just a ‘temporary residence’ of a future child, but still I want her to be kind and nice woman...What if she take part in such programs just because of lack of money. I don’t want my child to be just an expensive service. You see?

As I’m a newbie in such things your answers would be very very useful for me.

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Hi Serlorera. We can't recommend clinics, but if you have a look at our website we do have some factsheets that cover treatment abroad, and the things you should be looking out for. Good luck with it all. Diane

Thank you!! Yeah, me too. After some careful consideration I decided to find a surrogacy program in Ukraine. But still can't chose a clinic. Could you share your experience there? I'm interested in conditions, med staf qualification and so on? How much did you spend on meds and all that things.

Jenni_D in reply to serlorera

There's not much to share really, they handle the whole process for you so you don't have to worry too much about everything.

All medication and medical care falls under the package that they provide so you are not met with an unexpected bill at the end.

The staff are very professional and are always willing to work with you if you have any doubts or requests

Hope this helps x

serlorera in reply to Jenni_D

haha it looks like in this case if you have lots of things to mention it doesn't mean theese are good things.

If you have nothing to worry about is the best description of a clinic I guess. Thaks, it's really helpful x

Sorry for having left your comment unanswered...lots of work. Well, I have no update at the moment. We are still waiting for our SM to be matched...and we now decided to make a room for a future baby.

What about you? What's new?

Oooo! That’s great! I wasn’t aware of this. My congratulations. Don’t be worried, I’m sure they’ll do it faster that you expect. It’s my case. The same package. We waited not more that month.

Yes, beautiful lovely girl with pimples on the backside, pediatrician says that is her response on the vitamins, and this will fade away in a week. I’m concerning.

Docs are in processing now, we’re in expectation. what was your first visit and when? Who was your leading manager

I have a DD from our Polish journey, but we weren’t satisfied with their services. They tried to deceive us and it happened. We have wasted a part of our money just because of our inattention, we’ve forgiven and forgotten. When I hugged my sweet baby in my arms first time I lost my anger and claims. So I cant complain. We gonna have another child with the help of surrogate motherhood. We’ve read much about Ukrainian reproductive centers, but recently I couldn’t find an agreement on favorable terms with one of the Ukrainian clinics. So I think this direction isn’t longer attractive to us and we are ready to be aware finding out the facts of successful surrogacy programs in Georgia. So I wish you all the best and great luck and look forward your updates.

right, you are defo not the first one. I once thought it may be ad, but then looked through their contracts and you know, there are many advantages. I hope no difficulties will occure throughout the process. As I was told, they had experience in working with Austrian embassy, so keep fingers crossed.

That was an affair vs us, scam and robbery! I’m kidding. That was not so terrible than I said. We got our honey-baby and successfully transported her home, but we’ve spent more money than expected and even had. Unexpected extra payments suddenly have floated out. We’ve not noticed them in the contract. It’s old forgotten thing. And we stopped talking with one Ukrainian clinic due to suspicious and awkward conditions which they can offer. It doesn’t matter if we find something more interesting or worthy of our attention in Ukraine indeed we will try to communicate. My husband currently browses through the Georgian variants. We are happy having our little star and the fact of her existence is calming our anger concerning to the money we could save if we had been smarter.

You’ve made your choice! It’s cool if you are satisfied and all suits your requirements. I don’t ask you to tell me about your clinic in general, I can find out more information on their site, exactly I’d like to know why did you choose it? Thank you, darling

I'm sorry to hear that! Any pitfalls are heartbreaking, I understand it.

btw, it was the main thing I wanted my future clinic not to have...I mean any additional fees. In case of there are some, then they must inform clients beforehead. Well,we chose the clinic because there more advantages than in other places. I like it when things are transparent and clear without specifications. I like its prices and period, needed to find a SM, is acceptable for us. Don't know, I've got a feeling...

Thank you very much for the link I’ll follow actually. I consider all the variants to compare last time.

As the everyman I’m afraid of being deceived. I don’t want to meet the tricks with payments on my way. I really need to trust the people to be able cooperate with them in such serious deals. Thanks once more.

No one wants to be betrayed, it's natural. and our issues need time to weigh all cons and pros, no rush in vital decisions! That's why I can't advise you for sure to visit my clinic... and because I can't say it's perfect till I get a result...such a decision must be made individually, if I can say so. You may heed advices but keep a clear head.

No problem. good luck to you! xxx

No problems. I’m not under the massive influence of the reviews, they don’t lead me to the final choice but help me to find probable direction not to do more mistakes than I could.

For sure I’ll do it individually.

Thank you, and as for your result let it be perfect.

thank you! I see the words of a sensible person :-) i used to chatting with different women and they're mostly guided by emotions. i met women who entrust a clinic choosing to their husbands, as they could be more objective.

Wish you all the best and no more mistakes! x

From what country are you? I understand that you had no problems with legal part at all, uh? Have you compared its services with other clinics' ones?

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