Surrogacy: Georgia or Ukraine?

Hello sweeties!

I’m new here but hope to get your support. I’m 40 and you can call me Lorenza. My story began 5 years ago when I was giving a birth to my only child and uterine rupture has occurred during a labor. Fortunately, my son and I were alright but I can’t bear one more child.

Now I’m sure I want a daughter…I was looking for different clinics and agencies, which can find surrogate mothers, but there are plenty of them. In my country such procedures are not allowed, thus I need to look for surrogacy abroad. Ladies share your experience, please! Which country to choose, which clinic? I will be appreciating for every piece of information especially about Georgian and Ukrainian clinics. Another thing I’d like to know - is there an opportunity to choose a surrogate mother? Of course, I know that her features are not important as she is just a ‘temporary residence’ of a future child, but still I want her to be kind and nice woman...What if she take part in such programs just because of lack of money. I don’t want my child to be just an expensive service. You see?

As I’m a newbie in such things your answers would be very very useful for me.

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  • 100% go for Ukraine! I had FET in biotexcom that is located in Ukraine. Everything went very well, they got 3 eggs transferred and all that resulted in my little girl Annie, she is 2.6 y\o now and i'm so happy!!! At time we were there we were greeted by very polite and respective staff, and we were given personal translator, this is like five-star service. I would give that clinic 4\5, only because we needed translator to communicate.

  • Thanks for your reply!

    It's very important to me, I want to chose the best in order to have a baby. More and more people are getting their happiness there, in biotex. That number of positive reviews couldn't be by accident, right?

  • Hi Serlorera. We can't recommend clinics, but if you have a look at our website we do have some factsheets that cover treatment abroad, and the things you should be looking out for. Good luck with it all. Diane

  • I recommend Ukraine too, many couples decide to go their for surrogacy because the laws are so clear on who have parental rights over the child. There a many clinics available and most will probably mention one in particular.

    I suggest you go to ilaya, they have years of experience in medicine(not only fertility) and you won't have to wait in lines for a long time to be seen!

  • Thank you!! Yeah, me too. After some careful consideration I decided to find a surrogacy program in Ukraine. But still can't chose a clinic. Could you share your experience there? I'm interested in conditions, med staf qualification and so on? How much did you spend on meds and all that things.

  • There's not much to share really, they handle the whole process for you so you don't have to worry too much about everything.

    All medication and medical care falls under the package that they provide so you are not met with an unexpected bill at the end.

    The staff are very professional and are always willing to work with you if you have any doubts or requests

    Hope this helps x

  • haha it looks like in this case if you have lots of things to mention it doesn't mean theese are good things.

    If you have nothing to worry about is the best description of a clinic I guess. Thaks, it's really helpful x

  • Hello Lorenza! I had surrogacy last year so I'll try to help as much as I can) First of all pay attention to legislation. All depends on legislation of the country and how it regulates surrogacy. For example, we were choosing between Russia and Ukraine to go for surrogacy program. Russian legislation is not very inclined for infertile couples. They have a law which gives all rights for child to surrogate mother. So she can leave a baby if she wants to. I don't know what intended parents should do in such case... I think it's almost impossible to prove that this baby genetically related with you, that it's yours. DNA test should be done, but only mother of a child can permit (or forbid) to do it. Since sm is an actual mother of a baby, only she can give such permission. That's really confusing... We didn't want to risk, so chose Ukraine, which doesn't have this law.

    We had surrogacy in Ukrainian clinic biotexcom. It's well-known clinic nowadays. It's becoming popular with each year. This clinic has high rates of successful treatments. That's why people go there from all over the world. I should say that neither our program coordinator, nor our doctor made us to wait for too long. When we contacted the clinic for the first time, response was fast, answers to our questions were clear and we got all info we needed. In 2,5 months after our first visit our program coordinator contacted us and told us that they found surrogate mother for us. We didn't choose sm because the only thing which matters is her health.

    I liked that our clinic had fixed price for the procedure. We chose vip package for €49 900. There were also packages for lower prices. So we paid this only amount for everything. We were never asked to pay more. And also the sum was divided into 5 parts so we didn't have to pay the whole amount at once.

    Yes, the whole process can seem so daunting and overwhelming! What helped me was to start a notebook with my research and next steps. I love checklists! Once you get more familiar with the process, you’ll be able to break it down into more attainable steps. I promise it will all seem so much clear. You’re already doing a great job by getting out there and asking questions to get started. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask)

  • Wow! thank you for such detailed reply!! I also heard about Russian clinics but when I was looking for information on their legislation, I found out that they don't have 'traditional' surrogacy, i mean from 2012 it's not allowed to use surrogate mother's eggs, so actually she can't be a biological mother. Only in case if she is your relative, then it's most likely to be IVF for her than surrogacy.

    Anyways, I've got many positive reviews on Ukrainian clinic biotexcom and i decided to contact them. I did this about 3 weeks ago, and i got their response almost immediately, and now i'm in!! I sent my papers and all the needed information and they told me it's OK, and now I'm waiting for any appropriate surrogate mother to be ready to start. I'm so so so excited!!! I also chose vip contract btw...I thought all this stuff is much more expensive and 50k is not cheap but they have such good conditions...

    From your reply I see you have good impressions, right? But tell me about the other side, maybe there was something unpleasant while your staying there? or something wrong with SM? I need any detailes of that kind till it's not to late. Thank you!

  • You're welcome) My congratulations! I wish you to have a great journey! You're right. Vip is a good package with very useful services. We were really glad we chose it. I read some comments of other girls who addressed to biotexcom. The most common problem is long lines and huge amount of people. Actually we've also faced this during our visits to the clinic. I definitely can't tell there were some terrifying falls or inconveniences. Nothing we noticed so nothing significant. We were constantly receiving info about or sm from our manager. We were told that sm will be chosen very carefully. Also we liked the fact that every single condition was mentioned in the contract. I hope you'll update us with good news soon) Good luck xx

  • Sorry for having left your comment unanswered...lots of work. Well, I have no update at the moment. We are still waiting for our SM to be matched...and we now decided to make a room for a future baby.

    What about you? What's new?

  • if I were to make a decision, I'd choose Ukraine. For many reasons. Firstly because of so many positive reviews and happy families who traveled from Kiev with their children. Secondly, quite tolerable prices. Thirdly, IPs favorable surrogacy legislation. favorable, but not for me. Unfortunately, they don't provide surrogacy service for single women like me. You have to be a married couple and the baby is ALWAYS genetically related to DAD. This is a must. Single ladies are not welcomed there

  • Yes, they have the most attractive surrogacy programs I 've seen among other clinics even in Ukraine. It's hard to find a place with transparent conditions... you'll always face hidden catches, extra payments or unexpected circumstances, imo. Unfortunately, you'are right, it's not an option for single ladies.. But is there any clinic abroad where it's allowed?

  • I offer you to try the Ukrainian option in order to make your seek and doubt finished. lol It was a part of joke, but it also has a truth. I’ll explain in few words. Don’t know lots details regarding to Georgia. Can’t say anything good or bad about it. But as for Ukraine my heart is ever open for this place. I got hear my real fate, not the fate of infertility but the destiny of being a mom. I’m here now and I’m happy near my little daughter whom Ukrainian center for reproduction has given me. We truly did not face any error in the contract and find no any mistakes in relations between the representatives and the customers. We have been covered with the care of clinic staff, their managers, housekeepers, interpreters, doctors, and drivers.

    The factors of their competence to solve problems assured us in possibility of taking a competitive position among world reproductology ( for the Ukrainian clinics.) I’m suggesting biotex cause I had applied to them. You are free to choose. Visit their web site at first it would be usefully. And usually I wish good luck!

  • Thank you, bloo! I've written before that I've already signed an "All inclusive Vip contract". I'm so happy we did this, feel relief. Now we are just waiting... a SM matching must take up to 3 months, hopefully, we need to wait less.

    I'm happy you have a daughter!! So, you say there were no difficulties? What about the legal part?

  • Oooo! That’s great! I wasn’t aware of this. My congratulations. Don’t be worried, I’m sure they’ll do it faster that you expect. It’s my case. The same package. We waited not more that month.

    Yes, beautiful lovely girl with pimples on the backside, pediatrician says that is her response on the vitamins, and this will fade away in a week. I’m concerning.

    Docs are in processing now, we’re in expectation. what was your first visit and when? Who was your leading manager

  • I have the same dilemma about directions and destinations. I can’t fit all this info baggage into my head. Where is better to go what will we have what can they offer what about services and providing !!! … !!! Head is collapsing. Seems if someone come upon to me and say in a stern voice to do what he tells, take my hand and drive me to the unknown reproductologist I’ll be glad and grateful for that. Because it would be the start and not a delaying of it. I hope you understand what I mean. I really need to move the stone off the ground. I frequently hear about Ukraine, it has good reviews, maybe I should concentrate my attention on it. Better to choose something finally and go on than live in hesitations.

    Moreover I was told that Ukraine offers quality propositions.

  • Oh,i see what you mean! It was the same with me. firstly, you need to narrow your search, as I did, for example. I chose 2 countries and collected information about clinic there. Ukraine is cheaper and as a destination for surrogacy treatment, it's not worse than Georgia. I gathered info about few clinics there and chose Biotexcom. But it's just because of my own preferences. If you want to know more about other clinics, please pm me and I'll send you what I've got. You see, most of the clinics don't have full information on their websites and I had to email them to know what is what.

  • I heard about Biotex almost on every forum I visited. Even hardly imagine how many couples went through their programs. But more important to know what a percent of the success was.

    I can’t believe that it just may be an advertising work to write letters about this clinic everywhere. Don’t suppose that this works or has any sense. First of all, human would call or connect the clinic’s manager by the mail, nobody trusts the forums so much to forget about common sense and fly across the seas for signing, funny. But what I noticed so large number of people talking about their cooperation with Ukrainian centers, with Biotexcom in particular. It’s like a panacea. Perhaps I’ve discovered the answer… They propose unlimited number of attempts, the completely focused on the successful outcomes. And this is very attractive aspect for me too, because considering their affordable prices I can conclude nothing prevents me to write them.

    Thank u, dear

  • Right. I think their guarantees individuate the clinic , if I may say so. success rate is imposrtant, sure...but I personally wouldn't trust those numbers implicitly. Some clinics give weight to, for example, succsessful delivery of a healthy baby while for others pregnancy is deemed successful, no matter what will be next. I don't know which way is better though.

    It's great they provide unlimited attempts. Few Ukrainian clinics only can perform 1 or case of failure you need to start from the very beginning. Anyway, it's very important to do the first steps. Good luck, honey!

  • How do you think, why they provide their patients with unlimited number of attempts?

    What pitfalls can we meet during that? It’s very attractive offer among the other candidates, I mean clinics. I’ll pluck up courage and make my steps, certainly, I’m in need of this.

  • nice question to consider. actually, I haven't found information about cases with refund, although I tried to. don't know if it's just because there were none or a clinic tries to hide information about this.

    I hope my SM will be matched in a month...if so, we will have the best new year gift!!! Brace yourself and do it!

  • thank you, dear. want you to have this marvelous gift!

  • sorry to interrupt your convo but in Ukraine there are some contracts with the refund in case of negative. In biotex clinic for example

  • oh, it's okay! actually i was talking about this particular clinic. I think it's great that they have such services. What about you? I see you wanted to start IVF, so what news? You are brave woman, to have a baby at 57! I admire your courage!

  • oh thank you i did not expect such attention actually but well, I have contacted the clinic and yes, we were getting the treatment there, in Ukraine. 2 weeks ago i have found out that i was pregnant and now we had my 6 weeks sonogram that showed that 2 embies have stuck!!!

    i haven't been posting due to the lack of time bc of my pregnancy, I am always so busy but then i remembered about this forum and voila


    we could've already had a bfp long time ago if not for my stupid fear that the clinic may not be good you know

    we have tried to persuade the drs to use my own eggs the time we were at the clinic but even thought we had a tandem treatment my body could not produce any egg cells so we had to use donor's eggs .. but this is a long story...

    BTW we have commanded 9.900 contract with money refund

    well. how are you?

  • oh!! fab news! twins...gorgeous!! girls, boys? have you chosen names?

    what was the most important for you in choosing a clinic? What were you scared of? Success rate or..? I don't get it, sorry..

    I thought it's impossible to have any eggs at 50+..10k, it's pretty cheap for more than one attempt and with refund guarantee. was it your first try?

    I'm fine, thanks...just waiting for next updates from the clinic.

  • yeah it was but I had just one follicle and we have decided to go for a stimulation...

    yeah, it is very surprising as most of the women experience them menopause at their late ovaries indeed are in a bad shape but the drs have told us that if we want we can try although they have warned me that there is no chance of success on my own eggs but i had to try it. us showed a follicle I had to know that there is no chance at all for me.

    well, there was not, but apart from that my uterus and endometrium were given and A+ rate haha so they have allowed us to sign a 9 900 contract.

    basically I was scared of the country my clinic is in. bc I have never been to Ukraine before

  • I’m not the first who can give you advice to consider the Ukrainian options. They really have available and attractive propositions. They own advanced technics and show good results as well as the more expensive variants in the US or in some countries in Europe. Nevertheless Ukrainian clinics as new institutions at the field of ART can offer guaranties and prices below than world has. Don’t know anything about Georgia/ can’t say anything bad. By the way you may find plenty of human’s true stories of the treatment there, I mean reproductive experience in Ukraine because I have the same it has to be helpful to you.

  • right, you are defo not the first one. I once thought it may be ad, but then looked through their contracts and you know, there are many advantages. I hope no difficulties will occure throughout the process. As I was told, they had experience in working with Austrian embassy, so keep fingers crossed.

  • I’m sure and assure you that they certainly had an experience of cooperation with different embassies which are located in Kiev. They have rather long practice of work anyhow connected to law.

    I was surprised when I had first discovered their benefits. They are still leading me the line of confidence.

  • From what country are you? I understand that you had no problems with legal part at all, uh? Have you compared its services with other clinics' ones?

  • From the Netherlands, I don’t think so. Here surrogacy is particularly prohibited. There is no commercial surrogacy base it means that we have no guaranties relate to this. There is no surrogate selection too. You understand that these are great difficulties. We have chosen the Ukrainian offer due to its legislation. Nevertheless we are not on the stage of preparing documents so I’m still afraid of this.

  • Sorry I’ve missed your question. Certainly we did. Considering and browsing through the great number of options we usually compare. Even when we’ve arrived to Kiev we also had an opportunity to visit other clinics for comparing but we didn’t. We had been pretty good surprised from the beginning and our choice became an evident.

  • I have a DD from our Polish journey, but we weren’t satisfied with their services. They tried to deceive us and it happened. We have wasted a part of our money just because of our inattention, we’ve forgiven and forgotten. When I hugged my sweet baby in my arms first time I lost my anger and claims. So I cant complain. We gonna have another child with the help of surrogate motherhood. We’ve read much about Ukrainian reproductive centers, but recently I couldn’t find an agreement on favorable terms with one of the Ukrainian clinics. So I think this direction isn’t longer attractive to us and we are ready to be aware finding out the facts of successful surrogacy programs in Georgia. So I wish you all the best and great luck and look forward your updates.

  • What went wrong? What do you mean by saying 'deceive'? Even having a baby can't change your attitude? What terms you are looking for? I read about Georgian clinics, gennet and reprofit look pretty good and have nice services. However, we chose ukrainian biotexcom, it's better for us and meets our needs.

  • That was an affair vs us, scam and robbery! I’m kidding. That was not so terrible than I said. We got our honey-baby and successfully transported her home, but we’ve spent more money than expected and even had. Unexpected extra payments suddenly have floated out. We’ve not noticed them in the contract. It’s old forgotten thing. And we stopped talking with one Ukrainian clinic due to suspicious and awkward conditions which they can offer. It doesn’t matter if we find something more interesting or worthy of our attention in Ukraine indeed we will try to communicate. My husband currently browses through the Georgian variants. We are happy having our little star and the fact of her existence is calming our anger concerning to the money we could save if we had been smarter.

    You’ve made your choice! It’s cool if you are satisfied and all suits your requirements. I don’t ask you to tell me about your clinic in general, I can find out more information on their site, exactly I’d like to know why did you choose it? Thank you, darling

  • I'm sorry to hear that! Any pitfalls are heartbreaking, I understand it.

    btw, it was the main thing I wanted my future clinic not to have...I mean any additional fees. In case of there are some, then they must inform clients beforehead. Well,we chose the clinic because there more advantages than in other places. I like it when things are transparent and clear without specifications. I like its prices and period, needed to find a SM, is acceptable for us. Don't know, I've got a feeling...

  • Ok, I don’t see anything suspicious on their web page. Perhaps they are really good.

    Nothing bad may happen to me if I mail them. I have heard so many pleasant things about Ukrainian destination, so I think that they can raise their prices in soon due to increasing of popularity. It’s an usual thing for any trade field and I guess the reproductology is not the exception.

  • you may also visit eggdonationfriends, there is a service which helps you to compare different clinics all over the world. maybe you'll find something useful there.

    you better write them, but be ready not to receive a reply at once. they have lots of clients and managers could answer you in a day or so. But it's better than not to get a reply at all, like it was in my case when I wrote to a Greece clinic. I asked about prices actually...i was concerned about possible rise in prices, but I was assured that the price is the same as the day I signed a contract.

  • Thank you very much for the link I’ll follow actually. I consider all the variants to compare last time.

    As the everyman I’m afraid of being deceived. I don’t want to meet the tricks with payments on my way. I really need to trust the people to be able cooperate with them in such serious deals. Thanks once more.

  • No one wants to be betrayed, it's natural. and our issues need time to weigh all cons and pros, no rush in vital decisions! That's why I can't advise you for sure to visit my clinic... and because I can't say it's perfect till I get a result...such a decision must be made individually, if I can say so. You may heed advices but keep a clear head.

    No problem. good luck to you! xxx

  • No problems. I’m not under the massive influence of the reviews, they don’t lead me to the final choice but help me to find probable direction not to do more mistakes than I could.

    For sure I’ll do it individually.

    Thank you, and as for your result let it be perfect.

  • thank you! I see the words of a sensible person :-) i used to chatting with different women and they're mostly guided by emotions. i met women who entrust a clinic choosing to their husbands, as they could be more objective.

    Wish you all the best and no more mistakes! x

  • I recently had an e-mail consultation with Biotex. So manager notified we had to have a marriage certificate, and medical conclusion regarding to my fertile problems proves I can’t carry out a child and other medical documents such as my husband’s test results. It’s compulsory list.

    I’m not sure for now. We don’t want delaying our decision and it’s not known we will go there in short time or not. Thank you for mention of my sanity. How are you getting on?

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