Thin Lining

Hi ladies, I need advice. Heres a little background.

2014- myomectomy

2016 - 2nd myomectomy

August - blocked tubes need IVF

September- scarring and thin lining

October - tubes are not blocked!!!

November- thin lining hormones given

December- waiting on period (nothing)

January- no period did ovulate but no visible lining on ultrasound.

Has anyone been able to thicken their lining?

Doctor only gave me hormones when i asked for something more he said there isnt anything else he can do...

Advice? Should i get second opinion? Should I try something different? Diet? Medicines?

Thanks in advance. πŸ˜‡

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  • There are other things you can do. I was taking 800 vitamin E, selenium, zinc, l'argine all of which are meant to increase blood flow to your uterus. I was drinking pure pommegrante juice (called POM) eating high protein and drinking full fat milk. I was also on orstrogen tablets (however these had not made much difference previously) but combination of the above got me to 8mm two days begore transfer which Is the best I've ever had. Sadly still ended in chemical. You could also ask your doctor about viagra! Read up on it as lots of women us it for this reason but stay away from aspirin. The evidence that Tommys have now suggests aspirin irrates the lining in the first part of your cycle. I'd also been taking it for months and couldn't get my lining over 6mm, this maybe another reason that it got thicker as completely stopped that as well. Hope some of the above helps (aspirin is only meant to be taken for certain people only and from a bfp on otd) X

  • Thank you. I have all the supplements but was never consistent and that was my fault. I made myself a calendar to track and make sure I am taking the supplements that will aid in making my lining thicker and getting acupuncture done more often. Baby dust to you God is working on your miracle!

  • 100% Accupunture. Docs told me they couldn't get mine thicker and I'd need to keep trying with a thin lining

    Started Accupuncture and told her this and she said she would definitely get it thicker and it worked!

    I'm now 8 weeks pregnant.

    Definitely try it πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • I will! I would only go once every 2 weeks it was expensive! I found a different one that can do 2 treatments for the price of one. It was the acupuncturist I started with and truly felt a change in my body.

  • My Acupuncturist also told me to eat greens such as kale, spinach and green beans. Keep my feet warm and don't drink anything cold x

  • Awesome! I am writing all this down to make sure I am doing all I can from my part!

    Thank you these replies have restore my faith I was feeling so down.

  • Hi Faithholi

    I have gone through early menopause and don't 'create a lining' at all, I was given Oestrogen pills and patches and got to 5mm for my mock cycle, for the real cycle they added baby asprin and looking at possibly using Viagra.

    Your doctor should be offering you something and not saying that there's nothing he can do!

    Good luck and fingers crossed for you xx

  • Yes, I was so disappointed on how he lacked compassion he basically said NO and I told him well I read.. and he quickly stop me... I'm searching for a second opinion.

  • Hi faitholi. If you haven't already, then you need to have a proper consultation and appropriate treatment prescribed. If you are with a specialist, then perhaps mention having a hysteroscopy (womb x-ray) where they can see the whole structure and take a biopsy of the lining to get a correct diagnosis. Hope all is soon sorted for you. Diane

  • Diane, that is the next step but I will follow all this advice and prove him wrong! I am also seeking a second opinion. I hope its all sorted out too. Thanks!

  • Hi faitholi. I do have a list of questions I can send you before you go for your second opinion, if you want. Most won't be appropriate, but there just may be 1 or 2 that you hadn't thought of asking. If you email me in confidence to I will send them to you, as the list is too long to add here. Diane

  • Thank you for all the helpful tips! I was feeling so down and I am glad I joined this board and asked my questions. You ladies are a blessing.

  • Just got back from doctor. He stated because I havent had a period that my lining may simply just be gone. And that there was nothing else left to do. That I should consider a gestational carrier. This is heartbreaking. He didnt do no ultrasound but said my hormones are fine its the anatomy and its my lining that is not there. He suggested another surgery were he can look inside again and scrape any other scarring left behind... what should I do? Im losing hope...

  • Aw I'm sorry to read this. I can't really offer any advice but I hope others can. X

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