Anyone doing a fresh or FET in January ?

So anyone cycling in January? got our dates start norethisteroneNew Year's Day, baseline scan 19th, then post stim scan 27th, transfer around 2nd February, hard to get hopes up though I want to but after 2 losses it's difficult. ❄

Had loads of bloods done at Gp so get results in couple of weeks.

This time we are adding Steroids, clexane, and changing from lutigest to lubion progesterone injections.


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  • I'm looking at possibly doing a fet in December/January. I have no dates yet because I'm waiting on results from implantation failure bloods (about 6 weeks) and then we will go from there.. I think I'll be having an endo scratch in the cycle before too 😱 Good luck on your journey πŸ€

  • What bloods did you have? I'm considering having the scratch not sure yet, thank you and I wish you all the luck xx

  • Full blood work; for "sticky" blood, iron, immunity, thyroids etc etc. Nasty bruise though and it cost us Β£850! x

  • Wow that's alit my GP done all ours but he's so so nice and knows how much we spent on ivf. clinic said it's saved us 1k.

  • My GP is nice enough but pretty useless lol

  • Lol! few girls I chat with say it's hard to get bloods done by gp, I think mainly they don't understand it. January can't come soon enough ha xx

  • Agree with you there on the one hand; on the other it's nice to know I won't be prodded or poked for at least 6 weeks now. I love Christmas too so I'm looking forward to that.. plus as exciting as the thought of the next go being the one that works, I'm not getting my hopes up. Hope that makes sense lol x

  • Yeah I so get that, I'm scared of getting hopes up again to have everything go wrong 😒 but excited at the possibility of it working......yh I am glad of the break lol nearly whole of this year I been on Meds, xx

  • We are starting in january take the pill from 5th nov for 3 weeks then all systems go, also our 3rd attempt also.

    Fingers crossed for third time lucky for both of us.

    Good luck xx

  • Awesome!!! how amazing would that be! best start to the year....wishing you luck xx

  • I'm booked in for Feb EC as long as my AF comes on time in Dec.

    After my first cycle had to be terminated due to my follicles not growing as I was put on the wrong dosage so fingers crossed 2017 is our year xxx

  • How come they didn't up the dosage? I had that problem with my first fresh but the upped menopur to 450iu and was ok.....don't you just hate waiting for AF πŸ˜‚ when I want it never comes, I just get them induced with norethisterone.....let's hope 2017 is our year! x

  • They did up my dosage but I was in gonal f, and it didn't work, so they have said next cycle they are probably going to put me on menopur, my af is a bloody nightmare even after taking the Norethisterone my bloody af didn't come until 10 days after!!! Rd so frustrating I just hope I can get to the EC this time round xx

  • Wow 10 days! mines about 6 I thought that was long!....imagine yourself getting to egg collection πŸ˜‰ positive thinking doctor told me to talk to my ovaries πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ hot water bottles help when stimming!

    Again sorry for late reply somthing must be up with my notifications


  • Hi, I have egg collection in January. I'm starting norethisterone around the 3rd December, depending when I come on this month. Cycle buddies 😁

  • Omg I'm so sorry only just seen your reply!

    Is this your 1st round? yay we will be cycle buddies! πŸ˜„ I hate norethisterone lol turns me into the devil lol πŸ˜‚


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