Lap & hysteroscopy booked and I'm a bit confused

My IVF consultant wants me to have a hysteroscopy when I have my lap as he said that it improves the chances of IVF working. My op is on the 31st oct and then I have a meeting with the IVF consultant the week after to get my dates through of hopefully (finally) starting treatment. He said that once I have the hysteroscopy he wants me to start IVF ASAP to give it the best chance of working but my next cycle wouldn't be due until a month after the op so how would this work? I'm currently doing some temp/flexi work and just wondered whether I should stay off work for the next month to concentrate on the IVF or is it best to keep busy? Xx

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  • Hey Hun, I had a lap and dye test last October, I found out my tubes were fine. But I was told to try naturally for 3 months and then had IUI and now just started ivf! It seems good your consultant is giving you ivf so soon. I hadd 2 weeks off for my lap and dye test and I iintend to take off two weeks for my ivf treatment after egg collection x

  • Hey Hun thanks for your reply. Oh really I hope it all goes well for you. Good that you are taking that time off as well.

    I've had a bit of a nightmare with it all, I had a lap last year & my left Fallopian tube removed,I was meant to start IVF in march but there's been delay after delay wether it's the consultant being on hol having an op or complications my end. Really don't want to have another op but seems I can't go forward with IVF unless I have it. I was surprised he could start IVF so soon after my lap as thought I'd need time to recover but he said a week or 2 after & we can start xx

  • I'm on day 17 after a lap and hysteroscopy and I'm still v tired and not really myself. You'll see on another thread on here some of us expressing surprise about how long it has taken us to feel better after our procedures, when hospital staff made us feel we would be ok in a couple of days. So bear this in mind when making work plans. It depends what kind of work you do really, but i would say best assume you won't be able to work or do very much for at least a week. However, I've found that I've been quite low after my op, and staying in the house has not helped, so make sure you have stuff to keep you busy. It not tire you out!

    My consultant anticipates me starting Ivf in the new year, my op was 30th Sept, but I have some paperwork and blood test hoops to jump through to get nhs funding in my area so this may be why it's going to take that long. Also some clinics have a Christmas shut down which may affect things.

  • Hey, thanks for your reply.

    Oh sorry to hear that Hun I hope you start to feel better soon.

    I had a lap last year and it took me about a month to recover but then I had problems with my stitches and was still quite sore for some time after that so not really sure how I would be able to start IVF so soon after. Although I'm not complaining, the sooner the better as I've had so many set backs and delays. We got referred for IVF a year & a half ago so it's been a long time coming.

    I told work i would need 2 weeks off after the op & so far have only got 1 shift planned for after that so I will see how I am but don't want to over do it as it's quite a physical job x

  • Hi Butterfly_x. Just thought I would go through a hysteroscopy with you and what it’s all about. I wrote this for our magazine recently. “A hysteroscopy allows a specialist to inspect the cavity of the uterus via the cervix using a fine telescope called a hysteroscope. The uterus can either be distended with carbon dioxide gas or a suitable irrigating fluid. The procedure is usually carried out under mild sedation and local anaesthetic. A biopsy of the womb lining will also be taken and sent to the laboratory to be checked out. Having a hysteroscopy is a most valuable investigation when there has been a history of repeated miscarriages, failed IVF/ICSI cycles or if a previous x-ray of the Fallopian tubes suggests that the shape of the cavity is irregular. A common cause of distortion in the shape of the cavity is the presence of fibroids. Fibroids beneath the endometrium (womb lining) can interfere with the implantation of an embryo. Very occasionally there can be an abnormality in the development of the uterus so that there is a wall or septum dividing the cavity. If an embryo implants upon such a septum a miscarriage is highly likely as the blood flow through the septum is inadequate to sustain a pregnancy to full term. However, this is an extremely rare condition and can often be dealt with by surgery to remove it”. Hope this helps and doesn’t confuse you further. Diane

  • Hi Dianne, thank you so much for your reply that is very helpful & good to know.

    The IVF consultant said that it could help improve my chances of the IVF working and that he would want me to start treatment a day or 2 after but because I now need another laproscopy he said the week after as long as I'm ok. My period wouldn't be due til a month after this though so would it still be ok or do you think he would give me tablets to bring my period on?

    Sorry for so many questions I'm just getting a bit anxious.

    Thanks again :) x

  • Hi Butterfly_x. You mentioned previously that you are to have a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, so I assume these are being done at the same time? I wouldn't worry too much about start times, as these can be controlled. You can usually start a cycle of IVF either on Day 1 or Day 21. As you say, should you need any medication to start a period, it will be given. They are wizards of manipulating cycles! Good luck! Diane

  • Yes they are being done at the same time then I have an appointment with the IVF consultant the following week. I really hope they don't find anything else wrong or need to take my other tube away.

    Thank you for taking the time to reply x

  • Hi Butterfly_x. Oh I hope not. I suppose it all depends upon what is found. If you need to email me about this at any time in confidence my address is Diane

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