Surgery date confirmed! Whoop whoop!! πŸŽ‰

Hope you all are ok considering.

Well the hospital rang me today and there's been a cancellation so my laparoscopy is booked up for 7th June!

I have told my work and when asked how long I'll need I said depending on how it goes 2 weeks. I work at 2 schools-trainee teaching assistant and do cleaning at another school-so very physical jobs! I might check with consultant how long he thinks I'll need.

I have a lash and lift booked up-can I have this done prior surgery? I know you can't wear make up for surgery-does a lash tint and lift count as make up? Or should I hold off till after op? My mil gave me a beauty voucher for Christmas which expires next month.

All the best to everyone on this journey. x x x

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  • At last!!!!! Yey!!!! x

  • Great to hear! Not too long to wait now! Xx

  • Brilliant, not long to go at all. I think the last lift and tint will be absolutely fine xx

  • You are right to say to them it depends on what happens. My consultant automatically said sign off for a week after.

    The annoying thing with a laparoscopy is that the scars are so small, so it's difficult to remember that your poor body has been through the mill and has to heal inside too! Having a physical job, you will have to see how you feel as you need to recover fully.

    I'd say your pampering before is fine, just no make up or nail polish is allowed on the day of the op.

    Remind me nearer the time for handy hints x

  • Very glad to read this Jess. Hopefully the start of better things for you xx

  • Oh wow Jess! Very pleased for you that things are moving in the right direction! Whoop whoop!!xx

  • Good news finally moving forward!! I'm sure a tint is ok before treatment x

  • Hope all goes well Jess xx

  • Hi Jess

    I had my laparoscopy on Monday. I've been signed off for 2 weeks. I had no idea what to expect and was so fixated on the surgery that I think I forgot about the recovery period! I told work (I also work in a school as a teacher) that i would be back after 3 days!! I'm nowhere near able to go back yet!

    Wishing you the best of luck with it!

    Lucy xx

  • Thanks everyone. Sorry for late reply . I phoned to double check about a tint and was told to put it off till after surgery. Glad I checked now!!! Personally I wouldve thought it should be OK but I'm not medical.. On another note I saw a different doctor at my practice over this pain and shes given me mebeverine to take hope this helps ease it. 😨 and has told me to come back if pain is still there after surgery and presuming that gynae doesn't find anything and the doctor will run bowel investigation s x really appreciate the support x hope everyone is as ok as can be x

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