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I've just seen my consultant and have been told I have a blocked Fallopian tube. We were given the choice of have a hysteroscopy on the NHS or paying for IVF. We've decided to have a hysteroscopy because the doctor said the odds of me conceiving after treatment are the same as if I tried IVF, using my own eggs.

He also said I have borderline low egg reserves (AMH of 1.50) so it would be unlikely IVF would be successful using my own egg. The doctor told us they have never had a IVF patient aged 45 or old become pregnant, I turn 45 in December.

I'm trying my hardest to stay positive because the odds of me conceiving after surgery will be the same as when I conceive my daughter aged 41. Apparently I have a 5% chance.

For anyone that has had a hysteroscopy, how long did you wait before trying to conceive? Did you manage to get pregnant?

Has anyone managed to get pregnant aged 45 with IVF using their own eggs?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me. xx

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  • Hi Hugsie. I hope my words can offer you some comfort. I am in my mid-30s but I did have a hysteroscopy. It is quite a straight forward procedure and I would imagine that you can start TTC sooner after. I was told 2 weeks. This can differ from doctor to doctor. There are women over 45 who conceive naturally or via IVF. The statistics lower the more we age but it does happen and there are many positive stories online from women who have conceived at 48 years old. Maybe have a read of them and look at their advise. I personally would strongly recommend taking prenatal vitamins if you haven't already started. Take them religiously along with vit D3, omega 3, vit E, magnisium and C. I take them separately as oppose to a multi vitamin table. Make smoothies with macca powder which help regulate hormones and try to eat your dark green leaves (put them in smoothies too) to keep you iron levels up and improve blood circulation to the uterus. Try self abdominal massage or massage in general and relaxation techniques. I believe anything is possible. Janet Jackson-I don't know her story and I am sure quite a bit of money was involved but she fell pregnant at 50 years old!!! SO stay positive and good luck xxx

  • P.S Look into Vitex too xx Good luck

  • Hi Mariec7. Thanks for your kind words. I've been taking prenatal vitamins and vitex but haven't tried Macca yet. I'll also give massage a try.

    Thanks for your helpful advice xx

  • Macca gave me very sore boobs, just to warn you x

  • Yes this happened to me. I take it in a powder form in my smoothies and the general advice is if your breasts become tender or sore to reduce the amount you are taking. I did this and it solved the problem. There is a recommended dosage for fertility. x

  • Thanks for the warning. I'll try the recommended dosage and reduce it if my breasts hurt x

  • Are you sure they mean hysteroscopy? That's just where they look around your womb with a camera. I can't see how that would make any difference to chances of falling pregnant. I would have thought you mean hystosalpingogram or HSG (not sure how you spell it) where they push dye through your tubes in an effort to clear it.

    I'm afraid my private ivf clinic are similarly negative about the chances of falling pregnant through ivf at 45. 🙁

  • Hi, Lizzielizzelizzie, thanks for replying.

    I had a HSG a few months ago. I've just checked the consent form, I'm having a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy x

  • Laparoscopy makes more sense!

  • (As in it might make a difference)

  • That's good to know. Thanks x

  • Sorry to your read your current situation but you do still have some options. Have your tubes 'flushed' keep healthy and keep trying. Don't allow yourself to be labelled by the doctors I think it's horrible the way they do that. I do wonder whether they don't like older patients as it ruins their 'stats' for success when success rates are pretty low anyway regardless of age with medical intervention. Maybe the tube issue is all that has prevented success for you? It only take one sperm and one egg. Wishing you every success x

  • Hi Mrsjj, thanks for your kind words. I'm hoping the blocked tube is the only thing stopping me get pregnant. Hopefully once I've had the operation it'll happen. x

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