AMH Query???

Hi all - just a quick question, not sure if Diane can help???

We have been given the dates for our next round of treatment, starting in December with egg collection provisionally in January. The nurse over the phone told me my AMH levels are 8.3, adjusted levels are 5.8. Is it the 'adjusted' figure that is my AMH?

My previous result was 6.1 but I have no idea if this was the adjusted figure or not. I'm just checking as our result determines the protocol and though I suspect that the correct figure is 5.8 I am holding out some hope that maybe the 8.3 figure is correct and that AMH fluctuates?

Thanks for reading and any advice x x x

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  • I had two tests done for AMH one private one through NHS One was 13.2 one was 11.2 I asked why this was and consultant told me that diff labs mark diff not sure if maybe diff people mark diff too or maybe uve done something and managedto raise it xo

  • Thanks Sam, I don't have another appointment now until December so there's no one I can ask and I don't like to bother them over the phone about something I can't change. I just hope it's not too low to affect our treatment. Keeping everything crossed! Hope you and bump are still doing well :) x x x

  • Yrs we are all good I'm. A bit of an emotional wreck atm πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ cried all day yesterday over nothing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ well my amh was 11.2 I had 9 eggs 6 made it to blasto all good grades one put back almost 9 weeks gone and 5 in the freezer so just relax and never give up 😍 I honestly think the acupuncture and reflexology treatments helped me this time xo

  • Oh bless you! I hope you're not so weepy today but its all good signs that baby is well :) I'm looking for a reflexologist in my area at the minute, I think I need to start that and acupuncture earlier this time just to keep my nerves and anxiety at bay! x x x

  • Hey Hun just wanted to say my clinic said anything over 5 was good for testament. I'm on the long protocal x

  • Thank you for your reply :) I know it's a low number but I'm hopeful the dip doesn't mean anything too bad and that it doesn't drop any further x x x

  • Don't worry mine is low to and I have been assured by my clinic that we shouldn't be looking at the numbers too much as the tests are done to choose a treatment plan. Xx

  • That's really good advice actually, no one has put it like that to me before :) Thanks x x x

  • Sorry tha should read treatment*

  • Hi MommaBear16. Clinics do differ in their calculations, but with either reading your level is low but usable. They may consider that you have a short protocol or mild IVF to protect your ovaries. Hope all goes well when you start. Diane

  • Thanks Diane :) They said if it was 5.3 they would go with a short protocol but as it's 5.8 I guess we're going for long protocol again! x

  • Hi MommaBear16. Why not speak to the embryologist and see what he/she would recommend?? Diane

  • Thanks Diane. As we're NHS we don't get to meet our embryologist until the day of egg collection. We have a consultant but we're not due to meet with them again now either. I always get the impression that I'm bothering the nurses when I ring them so I end up coming on here instead haha

  • Hi MommaBear16. That's one of the reasons I am here, so do feel free to ask anything at all at any time, if you think I may be able to help. You can email me in confidence too at if you prefer. Huge luck with it all. Diane

  • Thank you so much x

  • Hi Hun. I was 5.5 and told mine was low so on short protocol and injections of 350 international units when I start to help me. The nurse did said don't focus too much on it. My FSH was 6.8 and she said that was good! Hope all goes well when you start. I'll be starting in 3ish weeks eeek x

  • Wishing you a huge amount of luck allieb! I'll be keeping an eye on your progress in case I end up on short protocol... I like to feel fully informed!! x x x

  • Good luck too Hun! We should stay in touch. X

  • Hey mine is 8, and we are doing the short protocol.x

  • Thanks KeeKee... I wonder why each clinic is different?! It makes it difficult to understand. Do you know when you will start your treatment yet? x x x

  • I'm just awaiting my planning appointment, but hopefully November if we are lucky.xx

  • Good luck KeeKee - I hope you get your appointment through soon. The waiting is the worst part but once you're away it will whiz by... until the 2ww that is!! haha x

  • Hi mommabear16, my amh level was 8.7 and I'll be having the short protocol, also they have told me to take Proxeed as it might help xx

  • Hi Janer thanks for your reply, will have a google into proxeed. Good luck with your treatment! x x x

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