I'm 27 years old and about to embark on our first IVF in March. I was devastated when we saw the consultant yesterday and he told me my AMH was only 5 which is apparently pretty low for my age. I'd love to hear people's stories with low AMH levels to boost my confidence a bit. The consultant told me I was lucky as I am slightly above their cut of point which terrified me. Any words of encouragement would be much appreciated this is such a tough journey we are on and sometimes it's so hard to keep upbeat! X

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  • I went through this last year. I had 3 natural pregnancies (in 2013 - 2014) that ended in miscarriage and then didn't get pregnant at all for the following year so had various tests done, one of which was AMH. I was devastated to find out it was just under 3pmol/ml, when the average woman should be 22. It just indicates that egg reserve is not the best but I don't think it indicates egg quality. I was referred to a fertility clinic and they scanned me to see how many follicles I actually had. I had 5, when most women have like 20. My cycles were also shortening and this all pointed towards low egg reserve, which they believe could have caused the mc. They said not to try things like IUI and to go straight to IVF. Chances of it working is only 33% but we saw this as 33% better chance than trying naturally and the embryologist would be able to pick the best embryo. As it turns out, we got 4 eggs collected (my right ovary was lazy and didn't produce any). 3 were mature and fertilised and by day 5 we had 2 nice embryos. Both were transferred due to my medical history and both have settled in well, we had a 16 week scan today and heard their heartbeats!

    At 27, you may have low egg reserve but your egg quality should be good. Don't lose hope, stay positive and start taking your prenatal vitamins (should include folic acid). Eat well, stay well hydrated and stay away from anything or anyone that stresses you out. By the way, I am 36, almost 37.

  • Thanks Tlove that's very reassuring and has helped me feel a lot better. I love hearing from people Who have had similar experiences and have had success it gives me hope. The consultant told us that it was an indication of quality over quantity which is reassuring aswell. I am trying to look after myself and take each appointment as it comes xxx

  • It's worth a try anyway, you'd regret it if you didn't at least give it a go with your own eggs. You just never know, we were incredibly lucky, although I do realise not everyone is as lucky as us. And I'm not going to lie, IVF was way harder than I expected but somehow you get through it. You just have to keep reminding yourself why you're doing it, and as you say, take each day as it comes.

    I went to counselling and that also helped me through the various stages. I would also say to choose wisely who you tell, you will need some support but some people's reactions may surprise you. I didn't feel like my mum was very supportive in the beginning at all, but I think her generation just don't understand all this. Now she's annoying me with her input on my pregnancy, so sometimes you can't win!

  • Thanks that's really good advice. I have a few people who I confine in but it's hard we have decided just to keep our parents updated at the moment but like you said I don't think they always get it! I'm just going to take each appointment as it comes and try and say positive. There are options out there. My dad died last year and suffering from that and the infertility has been incredibly tough. At the same time I do feel stronger emotionally than I ever have before so hopefully that will stand me in good stead for coping with the IVF. Thanks for your help xxx

  • My Amh is 4.6 I am 36, we are about to start first cycle of IVF x

  • Hi button it's good to know that we are not alone I'm ok in asking you what advice you were given by the consultant and what they told you about your results? Many thanks xxxx

  • No probs they told me it may be a prob but age is on my side, I am starting straight off on high drugs 450 menopur to hopefully kick start things. They did mention donner eggs but I said I wanted to try with my own before we even discuss those options. There are plenty of ladies on here with low amh that have had successful IVF so I am remaining positive. I am hopefully starting soon just waiting for my period (due end of this week) x

  • Thanks button 123 I'm the same me and my husband discussed doner eggs a little bit aswell. But I want to give this round my very best shot before we get to that point. The consultant told me my dosage but I've honestly forgotten I should of maybe wrote it down. I know he said about a higher dose in terms of kick starting my ovaries works better. Am I ok to ask you how you have prepared for your cycle in terms of supplements and diet? Wishing you lots of good luck 😘 Xxxx

  • Don't worry when you have your teach they will give you your plan with it all on. It's so much to take in. I take pregnare conception vitamin, vitamin D, Royal Jelly and co enzyme Q10, I gave up caffeine and alcohol about 6months ago, I have been having Acupunture for the last 8months and have lots planned for during treatment, I go swimming and Pilates every week and just try and healthy and stay positive that's it's going to work (easier said than done sometimes) How you feeling about it all? Do you know when you will start xxx

  • Hi we go back in March for the nurse consultation and to kick start things, I keep trying not to think about it to much I'm pretty nervous about it all. I've been taking similar supplements so that's good I've also been doing Accupuncture and I've had some fertility massage. Keeping our fingers crossed for a positive experience aswell xxx

  • This is a great thread. :) filled me with reassurance that I was alone and hope it might work.

    My AMH is 4. I'm 34, with two FSH readings of 18 and 11.

    We had our first appointment on Monday to sign all the forms. She very clearly told us it's quality not quantity. So we hold out for a positive experience.

    Now, I'm preparing my body for the best chance, we'll go back in a month or so. Mayaudrey, I'd happily share my journey with you xx

  • Hi emu2016 it's lovely to hear from people in the same low AMH boat. I'd be happy to share my journey with you. I'm also due to go back in March to start treatment. I'm pretty nervous and trying to remain positive while not getting my hopes up to much at the same time! Just trying to my best to prepare my body in the best way I can! Xx

  • Looks like we're both experiencing the same thoughts! Have been reading Zita West's book, have you got it? There's a lot of reference to IVF and women aged 40 etc which someone on Amazon complained about in the reviews, but I found it helpful all the same. xx

  • Best of luck to all you 3 lovely ladies! I was on 375IU of gonal f, I think 450 is the max you can go on. I remember before my first consultation I was googling donor eggs and then my consultant told me I'd be a good candidate for IVF. He asked me if this had came as a surprise and had I been expecting news like that, and I said to him that I had prepared myself for the possibility of donor eggs and he actually laughed! He saw donor eggs as something much further down the line.

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