Low AMH :-(

Hi All

My husband and I have just been to see the consultant following our first IVF which was cancelled due to low follicles and low AMH... She was very sorry to say that my body didn't respond to the highest possible drugs because my AMH levels 3.3 were so low . She said that in a few months time we can try again with a blast cycle.. What are the chances of conceiving with AMH 3.3 ??

Feeling absolutely gutted XX

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  • So sorry to hear that Hun you must be gutted. I too have got low AMH and worry how I'll respond to IVF drugs. Did she give any suggestions to try? I've heard DHEA can help woman who have low AMH.? Could be something you could discuss with your consultant who will be to advise you on suitably. I have seen woman on here with much lower AMH levels go on to get a BFP so there is always hope. Remember it only takes one. It's quality over quantity I always think. Good luck with your next cycle. Wishing you a BFP. All the best ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’

  • Thank you very much Jess for your kind message.. I too wish you lots of luck with your treatment XXX

  • Sending you lots of prayers and hope xx

  • Thank you XX

  • Hi, my AMH is lower than yours at 3pmol/L. I was told that this could be why I had been miscarrying and that IVF could be the only way I'd get a successful pregnancy as there's more control over the embryo quality. I was put on the pill, then buserelin and then gonal f and finally Pregnyl. I was on 375 gonal f, I think 450 is as high as they go. My right ovary didn't respond at all but we got 4 follicles on the left, 3 of which were mature. It was a little disappointing that I hadn't responded better but expected because I had only 5 follicles at my initial consultation so I knew it might not be great.By day 5, 1 of them was slower developing so they transferred 2 and discarded the 3rd. My official test day is next Tuesday but I took a test today and got a bfp, so I'm very hopeful it has worked.

    So, when you say low follicle count, how many did you have? Is there a minimum requirement at your clinic? Or did they just not grow in size? I have read that eating lots of protein helps with egg quality. There are probably other dietary things you could do too - maybe ask your clinic. I did try to increase my protein intake during this process. It certainly won't harm you. You should also take folic acid and a multivitamin like Pregnacare for conception.

  • Hi .. Thank you for your reply. That's very interesting to know that this could possibly be the course of miscarrying, I unfortunately have had two.. I had 4 follicles but they didn't grow in size. I'm not sure if there is a minimum number at my clinic, will have to ask at the next appointment. Massive congratulations on you bfp, I wish you all the luck. :-) XX

  • I was tested extensively after my second mc and they thought it was due to a blood clotting disorder but my 3rd pregnancy ended in mc as well, even while I was on anticoagulants. The one test they missed was AMH though, which it turns out is quite an important test! The consultant at the fertility clinic then said that the blood clotting could be a factor but it was more likely that the low AMH was causing low quality eggs to be fertilised and by doing IVF you would have more control over the quality and give them a better chance of surviving.

    Were you ever tested after your mc? I live in Ireland and the policy is to refer you to the pregnancy loss clinic after 2 mc if you have no previous children or after 3 if you have children. I wouldn't have known this only that I had very early scans and it was the mid wives who referred me. I wonder if it is the same in the UK.

    BTW, I am also 36. The clinic keeps telling me that age is on my side and although AMH is low, the egg quality should still be ok at our age. Don't give up just yet!! x

  • Definitely look into getting yourself some dhea supplements I did and it worked for me x you can order it online good luck x

  • Yes will do :-) xx

  • Hey hun

    It's quality not quantity. I also have read lots of women getting pregnant with a low amh. I myself have a high amh I didn't respond to the drugs first time round. So you never know. Keep your chin up and try and be positive. I wish you all the best in your next cycle xxx

  • Thank you XX

  • Hi I also am a poor responder to IVF drugs. My first round I only produced 5 eggs the 2nd round 1!! I remember the upset so clearly as we discussed donor lists and the chances of our final nhs round. Things looked very bleak. I just wanted to say I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and not to loose hope. If I can happen to me it can happen to anyone!!!! I found out I was naturally pregnant the day before my 3rd round after 7 yrs of trying. Wishing you well xx

  • WOW thats fantastic XX

  • are you able to tell us your age please?

  • Hi Mandy_K

    I am 36 years old .

  • I'm 35 wizzleandmolly, 36 this month so try to keep yr head up and lipy on as they say. I know how hard it is but sometimes when yr at yr lowest it's not the end at all butthebeginning of something else xx

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