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No Amh test??

Hi everyone so we are currently waiting for consent forms in the post we've had all tests done but I haven't had amh test? I had one done months ago when we first started but not done another one. I had low egg count October 2016 7 in left and 4 in right but not actually sure what last amh result was! I'm not sure if she will do this test at our initial appointment but won't that delay things? xx

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My clinic uses the amh to determine the stims dosage because it's quite far into the treatment it won't delay things. Can be done at any part of your cycle and takes about a week to ten days to come back


Yes that's only done with my baseline scan.it doesn't take long.dont worry.


I had an AMH done at the start of being referred, lowish at 7.19. Its really just to determine whether its short or long protocol and your dosage. I havent been tested again as I was put on long protocol and maximum dose of stims so even if its gone done there was no point in retesting. On the other hand if its improves, which is obviously doubtful then I guess I wil just do better!x


Thanks for replying everyone so do you think because of my egg count the amh is poor to? I just don't know many results yet xx


Sorry I cant help on this one, my clinic didnt do a AFC (follicle count) when I started, Im sure if you give the clinic a ring they would tell you what your AMH result was?!xx


Aw ok well we'll have our initial appointment soon so I'll just wait and ask then I'm just being impatient 🙄 thanks though xx

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