Low amh and high fsh - retested and improved!

Low amh and high fsh - retested and improved!

Hello I thought I'd share a little positive news to help any of you ladies with low amh and high fsh like me. I was utterly devestated for more than 2 months finding out that my amh was 2.3 and fsh was 22.5! But I researched and did and took everything I could for 12 weeks and got my retest results yesterday - my amh is now 4.56 (almost double) and fsh now only 14.5! (Only 3.5 away from halved!)

We will never know at all whether it's what I've done but I think it is related. 2 acupunctures a month, seeing a medical herbalist and drinking a herbal blend 3 times a day. And taking all sorts of supplements - high dose fish oils, vitamin d, daily vial of Royal jelly, wheatgrass, spirulina, very high dose coq10 (600mg), glutathione, L-arginine, good b complex, high dose vit c, the list goes on!

I've now added fertility reflexology.

IVF date confirmed as January 2017 so going to keep it all up!

If anyone wants to follow my journey on Instagram I've found it brilliant getting another close group of women in the same boat. my name is onedaywewillbethree


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  • What is fsh? I have never been told about that although my amh was low too and I am now booked in for et on saturday😀😀😀xx

  • Your fsh must have been normal then so don't worry! Should be below 10 really so I'm miles away! Being raised means I won't respond well to IVF drugs and will need vet high doses as my levels are so raised xx

  • Hi Orla9298, that's fantastic news. I have been doing similar and my follicle count has increased a lot, not sure what that means as I know it's the eggs that count more but it seemed positive to me. Are you also following good nutrition etc? Or do you think it's just the supplements that helped? X

  • I'm pretty decent on my nutrition I've gone gluten free due to antibodies and they have dropped. We only eat wild fish and organic grass fed meat, organic eggs, and most of our veg are organic. Don't eat processed either, but I've been like that for years so don't think it impacted on the results it seems to be more the supplements and herbal medicine and acupuncture. I love a few glasses of wine so have reduced that a little too.x

  • Sorry to jump in but I need to improve my follicle count . How did you xx

  • I don't know if I have improved my follicle count, I've only been scanned once. I showed 4 one side and 5 the other. But amh is related to egg supply and that seems to have improved... it's a 3 month cycle the journey of an egg. Xx

  • Hi how did you improve your follicle count that fantastic X

  • My acupuncturist recommended dhea I think it was but I don't think it is easy to get and when I looked into it then I wondered why it was hard to get so felt best to leave. If I am unsuccessful following et on Saturday I may well follow your advice😀😀😀😀xxx

  • My private consultant has said to take dhea for a couple of months before so I'll start it in November - I bought it a while ago online from biovea


  • Where do you get all your other tablets? You must be rattling😜xx

  • Haha I am 😂 I'll post a photo later as most of them I've researched to get a good quality e.g. The fish oils are wild Alaskan sockeye (to bore you they are smaller salmons that don't grow so large that they get a buildup of mercury).

  • That would be great..is this costing you a lot?

  • Not loads... a lot of the supplements aren't too bad. Acupuncture is £37 twice a month and herbal medicine is around £58 a month including the consultation and 4 weeks supply. I see it as an investment!

    I'll try and post costs later of the supplements x

  • Sounds like you are doing ALL the right things...can I ask how old you are and is this your first cycle in Nov?

  • I'm 32 so my results are really pretty bad for my age. Retests still bad but not as awful!!

    Yes it's going to be my first IVF it's in January so starting now dhea in November x

  • Hi Orla9298 i would love to start taking some of these supplements, I have a few in the mix but from holland and barratt and wonder if there is a better place to buy them from? Could you recommend your nutritionist too - not sure here you are based though?


  • I'm in Liverpool and my herbalist is called Jane Riley on Rodney street. She is great! I order most stuff through Amazon as they have all brands I'll message you when I get home xx

  • Thank you! I'm in London so Amazon is perfect. Do you take these supplements on top of a pre-conception tablet? If you can send names and dosages recommended, I will order tonight as due to start IVF treatment later this month with actual stims and EC/ET next month. Thank you x x

  • Hi!!

    Well I take: *Solgar full spectrum omega (make sure it says wild Alaskan salmon) one at morning one at night. CoQ10 400mg or 600mg - once a day in evening, brand wise it's up to you, it's pretty expensive and I recommend the brands life extension, Solgar, jarrow formulas, or the one I bought is "newtoneverett" from the biovea website. Royal jelly - 1 vial per day with breakfast - brand is vitaflor and it's called gelee royale and it's 1500mg. Spirulina and wheatgrass - 2 capsules of each 3 times a day, brand I got is rainforest foods because its organic. I also take glutathione and lycopene, one morning and one at night, they are both antioxidants. I take Jarrow formulations B-right too which is high in folic acid but a good balance of the important b vitamins. I take jarrow krill oil and use Solgar drops of vitamin d 2500 iu. Plus zinc, magnesium and high dose vitamin c 1000mg I think.

    I know this is a massive list and you'll need to re careful if you are taking a multivitamin as you don't want to overdose on anythin so you'd have to cross reference them.

    I really do think the acupuncture and herbal medicine helped massively and I recommend seeing a medical herbalist if you have specific worries to address.

    If you were going to select just a few, I'd go with the Royal jelly, wheatgrass, spirulina, High dose coq10 and the Solgar full spectrum omega and vitamin d drops, on top of a good multi!

  • I feel the need to say I have no medical training at all it's just my result of lots of research and it seems to have helped my fsh come down and amh improve. Xx

  • Also, haha tell me to shut up, eat LOADS of healthy fats like nuts etc, I eat a daily avocado, coconut oil, and am gluten free!x

  • Hey Hun I follow your journey on Instagram and just wanted to say well done!! Good luck for the journey ahead. I'm actually drinking my spinach smoothie right now with wheatgrass! Yucky lol 😨

  • Haha wheatgrass is the worst I take it in capsules coz it's so awful and spirulina too!! 😂

  • I find it strange because reading this post makes me happy although I am not going to do this procedure complex and I do not need to, but for some reason I love seeing how some of us can get out of their infertility hole. Recently I have met this woman who had been diagnosed with unexplained infertility and she conceived on her own after 2 failed ivf cycles.

    i myself will have to undergo either surrogacy de or I will choose adoption. I haven't decided yet, though almost everyone says that surrogacy is better for me. I have had my uterus removed after the severe stage of cancer and was lucky to recover from it. anyways thank you for your beautiful post. I hope that it helps other women!

  • Thank you for your kind comment, my little results victory is only tiny who knows if it will help my IVF. But I can hope! My husbands sister adopted 2 brothers and they are loved so much and just the same as all the othe kids in the family. Anything is a blessing xx

  • I am sure that you will get positive results! You are so kind and your words are so heart whelming. I wish you the best, hun! xx

    PS. I think I am going to go with surrogacy because of my dh, he wants to have his own kids, it is only me who are thinking about other options.

    Your sister adopted kids when she had her own already? I mean this is something I consider like heroic, because of the intentions. I may do the same after having our own kid though fertility tx.

  • No she had failed IVF twice and a miscarriage and went for adoption as their solution as she was over 40. Surrogacy is certainly a great option and I wish you lots of luck with it!xx

  • I agree, and hope to follow in her example. My Amh is 2.9 and I believe I just need to up this to conceive naturally. I have had one failed IVF cycle and the failure was due to thin lining and AMH. Hubbys sperm is good and I have no other issues. Am I being stupidly hopeful? This post has cheered me up no end as I did not know you could do things to improve this. I feel the NHS were not very helpful/supportive - they cancelled my treatment by voicemail after 11 days -after I had waited 2 years for the treatment! Do you think my GP will retest my levels for me? We can't afford private at present and time is running out as I am 41 now. All you ladies are such an inspiration - thanks so much!!!! xxxxxx

  • Hi am so happy for you and so great to see improved results it really gives me hope and gives me strength to continue with my healthy diet reduce sugar and not had a proper drink for months and reading this makes me realise that I'm doing the right thing as we have to give our bodies the best chance for treatment!! I'm having a trip to Holland and barrett today (herbal shop) to see what else I can stock up on. Wishing you all the best on your journey xxx

  • nmill pick up some high dose coq10 (600mg), L-arginine, wheatgrass and spirulina and Royal jelly... I think they are most effective on top of good multivitamin. I go for Solgar wild Alaskan salmon oil twice a day too and a good b complex.xx

  • Hi Orla, just stumbled across your very informative post. I got AMH (paid £155) and feel gutted at result which is 8.8, and want to see if I can improve mine. Would you mind telling me which brand l-arginine etc / sprinula you use. Wishing you loads of baby dust xx

  • nmill whats happening next with you now anyway? I've seen a few of your posts, are you getting the NHS IVF??xx

  • The consultant said my results fell into a grey area 6.5 amh, fsh 16.2 one scan showed 3 folices next scan showed 7 folicels because second scan had more folicels and because I'm 31 they have approved one round of treatment depending on how I respond to the meds this is nhs so I'm very grateful, treatment due to start next March and just desperate to get started. What are the next steps for you can you push forward for treatment with your new results? Xx

  • Yes but not allowed NHS, I'm really similar to you results wise but amh a bit lower, my fsh was loads higher but has come down. I'm 32. Had 9 follicles, he said that's at the bottom end of normal. I'm going private in January I literally can't wait even though I'm sure my chances aren't great.xx

  • As long as you have a chance you have to try as I keep being told it just takes one good egg and you are currently giving your eggs the best boost that you can! We're you given any explanation for your results? I was told that I was probably born with fewer eggs or I lost eggs at a faster rate and I think about this every day as I can't quite believe the situation and why it happened and why I didn't have any idea of what was happening, I was told I have a 10% chance of conceving naturally so also trying to hold onto that hope!! Xxx

  • I haven't had an explanation no, the NHS consultant I was originally under said there is no way to know, and I figure it's irrelevant anyway now as it won't change my treatment plan. It's confusing as I was on the pill for years which means you don't ovulate so I would have thought I should have loads of eggs still in there haha. I figure there is no point in dwelling on that part. What I am doing though is spreading the word amongst my friends that you can pay £80 for a private amh test to check your egg reserve - I had no idea you could do this and I think women should be educated about it! It's great that women are so driven these days and work hard at their career before trying for a family but just a simple blood test could save women all this heartache if they tested a bit younger and could decide whether they can afford to wait to start. I feel strongly about raising awareness about this and have written to women's health and glamour magazine about raising awareness but neither have replied!

    My sisters offered to be my donor if needed, I'm hoping we will be successful obviously but I'm so happy she has offered as my backup. Xx

  • I feel exactly the same there isn't enough to educate us ladies about such issues all you get taught is how to conceive and what you should be doing to prevent it I also find it strange that there aren't that many articles in magazines/ tv programs that really high light the issue surrounding infertility. when I was first diagnosed I was completely lost and had no idea what anyone was saying to me and this site has been amazing in getting me up to speed on what I need to know. Great to hear that your speeding the word someone needs to, I've not told many people yet but when I hear 'yeah when I'm 30 ill have a baby' I feel like shouting and saying don't wait you don't know what will happen!! Really great that you have your sister it must be reassuring that you have that option at the back of your mind xxx

  • Just re-emailed 2 magazines... our chat motivated me to chase it up :-) x

  • Fab! good for you, glad things have improved. It's great to read some good news xx

    Can you send actual link for your Instagram as I can't find you?

  • Don't know how to send a link!! 😂

    Onedaywewillbethree should come up but no idea how to share 😂 What's your insta name and I'll try find you xx

  • Ah, no worries, I have found you! x

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