Egg retrieval date!!!

So we FINALLY got some good news, our date for egg retrieval - end of November!! Is anyone else having treatment around this time? It would be good to share stories over the next couple of months and support each other. I am on the long protocol, I have a prescription for the pill but haven't been told when to take it yet. I have to go in for a blood test the first day of my next period and will get more information on that date which should be next week! Excited and extremely nervous!!

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  • Hope it all goes well BabyD x x x

  • Hi BabyD. Just wanted to wish you well with your egg retrieval when the day comes, and of course for good fertilisation. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi there, yes it looks like we will start our first round (long protocol) this month, so down reg bursellin from 21 of cycle (due this week) and then stims and EC mid/end Nov. I'm quite nervous but a lot of great positive posts on here and hopefully we can all get each other through! Where are you having your treatment? X

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