To everyone with a low AMH

HI I just thought I would share my story as there seems to be a lot of us with low AMH at the moment. Mine was only 0.57 and we were actually refused treatment at our NHS hospital. We were told that I may not respond and some suggested doner eggs..

We choose to go to Care privately. So I started on the short protocol 2 weeks ago and had egg collection yesterday. Despite having only 4 follicles >17 on the last scan on Tues they retrieved 7 eggs and all were matured. They called this morning to say that 5 had fertilised. Just waiting now to hear when transfer will be.

I wanted to share this as I was devastated when I was told how low my AMH was, how we were refused treatment and told I may not respond. However I did... so there is lots of hope even with a low AMH and mine was very low..

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  • That's great news hunni I am so happy for you.. When is your transfer date? I suppose it depends on these embryos..

    Your story fills me with great hope.. I have a child from a previous relationship so no nhs funding for us.. Looked into egg sharing can't afford ivf...discovered through a scan my left ovary is less than half the size of right one and only produced 3 follicles..luckily right one normal size with 9 follicles...amh is only 5.37 which is really low for my age should be between 10 and 15...Cos it was under 5 at our initial ivf consultation it was a no unless the repeated amh blood test was higher than 5..luckily it was only just :) Cos the follicle count was deemed acceptable they've accepted me onto egg share program..I really thought that it was over but it just goes to show sometimes things go better than we thought and sometimes things aren't as bleak as we thought they were..there is always hope... :D

    I'm wishing you all the very best with your transfer and I hope it all goes well for you..well done you for not giving up that's really brave :) And thank you for sharing a story of triumph and allowing others to have faith and stay strong because sometimes things can and do defy the odds and work., sometimes our bodies are my serious and wonderful :) Keep me posted to how you get on good luck sweet


  • Hi jess1981, so when do u start ur protocal? As nellynel said that evenwith low amh, body can miracle. I have low amh, of 3.8 and i started injections, i had 10 follicles on the right and 3 on the left. I went for egg collection yesterday, and they only managed to retrieve the eggs from right ovary. 7 eggs. But but they cudnt get to the left ovary as it was further away and if they tried then it will cause traums so left it. So regardless being low amh, if they can get 7 eggs out of me from 1 ovary, im sure you will be fine. So stay positive as anything can happen. I am still very anxiuos today, as i am waiting on a call to find out how many fertilised.

  • Hi Shirley that's wonderful news am so pleased for you..I know how much you've been through to get here..7 eggs is a good amount..How many are you having transferred? Are having 5 day depends on how the embryos do I guess...

    Because of the amh was under 5 at our first initial ivf has slowed things down a wee bit..I had to have the amh repeated to see if went over 5..before I could go any further with the egg share program..originally we would've had our screening blood tests done then...I'm so glad I was accepted I thought it was over .. 8th September I have my screening blood tests..chlamydia test was done last year but I think with ivf needs to be more recent?? Then it's a 4 to 6 weeks wait for the results..when results come back ok hubby then has to have his screening blood tests done .. They also send off a form on 8th to my doctor to see if there's any reason that I'm not able to egg share etc. then it takes a week of two to find suitable an egg recepient... And then I start the treatment yippee!! My screening blood tests are only valid for 3 months.. From results back to egg collection it'll be a max of 3 months :) we've already waited 3 years a few months is nothing :p I'm quite excited I know that sounds odd.. I think we will have Icsi as although hubby's results are mostly ok..the abnormal count is slightly higher than they would like it to be..they want it no higher than 75% his is 83%..I think each ivf clinic has their own criteria.. If they think that's our best chance of ivf working then I'll be guided by the experts.. Yeah it'll cost us £770 extra but if it gives us our baby then it's worth it.. :D Normally it's £1390.. It's a good deal ..

    Let me know how your eggs get on :) you must be feeling quite anxious.. I would be the same..I am sure it'll be fine and you will have plenty :) when you've waited so long and want something so badly it's so tough ... I've my fingers crossed everything goes really well for you Shirley :) I'm so excited for you knowing your baby dream may come true :)

    Thanks for being there and for sharing that success you've had in that despite amh levels they managed to collect 7 eggs..amazing it really does fill me with great our initial consultation with my amh being under 5 I'd prob get 4 eggs..With low amh mines low do you go on a really high dose? Or a different protocol? I know so little about ivf!! I'm sure in a few months time I'll be an expert lol!!

    Good luck look forward to hearing from you X x x

  • With low amh, they put me on on high dose. 450 menopur daily. They called today to say out of 7, 6 eggs were mature, and only 5 fertilized but dnt seem to doing that great, so im keeping positive n keep my fingers crossed. I'l get anothet call tomorow ansd get an update. Im hoping atlease 2 can make it to 5 day.

  • Thanks for that info..that helps :)

    I'm so sorry you didn't get the best of news .. 5 fertlized I'm sure out of 5 you should get 2... Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you too.. Let me know how you get on..wishing you all the very best

    X x x

  • Thank you very much jess. Please pray for me.

  • Aww hunni of course I will do :) I know how much this means to you.. I just wanna give you a big hug right now.. Praying and wishing you all the luck in the world. X

  • Thank u huni, at times like these we can get support who is going through rough road!! I'l keep u posted on how it goes from here

  • Xxxx

  • This is great news!! Very pleased for you!! X

  • That's brilliant glad to hear that has I have low Amh and a was told same maybe not respond , in had my first scan after injections and had 7 good size folicols so back Monday see if there at 17mm then egg collection wed hopefully xxx

  • Dancing for you! Hooray!

  • thank you for posting this. I too have very low amh and have been a poor responder on my first cycle (x1 follicle and cycle cancelled) I'm going through my next protocol right now, only x5 weeks later.

    I know your post is a few months old, so I hope it worked for you XXXXXX

  • Bless you. Thank you for leaving your post and hope for all of us. I've been trying for nearly 2 years and after being told my AMH was so low they would no longer offer me IVF on the NHS but councilling. I am starting IVF with my partner privately in a few months. I have everything crossed for you. Thank you so much for giving me some hope. I can't tell you how many times I have cried and felt so low. Good luck x

  • Hi good luck.we had to go private after be being refused at St Marys in Manchester. I'm on 23 weeks

  • Great news! The sister-in-law of one of my friends had very low AMH levels and, following treatment, now has twins! So it does happen. Best of luck with your transfer. It sounds positive so far! x

  • Just realised that this is an old post and your treatment was positive - congrats!

  • Thank you

  • Great news Nellynell.. I’m very happy for you. I wish the same for all of us.. I’m in the same situations that you had before. My FSH level was 5.5 on October 2014 (Salford Hope Hospital says everything is fine with my hormones but maybe low sperm count, therefore they referred us to ST Mary’s) and somehow results back with FSH 14.10 in January 2015 and have only 0.57 AMH level. St Mary’s refused to do IVF but maybe egg donation, which I think I’m not ready yet, because I want to see IVF results first. We’ll repeat tests again in March but I have no hope from St Mary’s. I’ll book Care Fertility and i think only chance for us is the go private..

    Your posts really give me some hopes..Since I had consultation with St Mary’s I couldn't stop crying. I don’t want to upset my husband but I just can’t stop thinking, worrying and praying.. I can’t focus my work and nothing.

    I hope you’ll understand me as English is not my native language :) Praying and wishing you all the good luck everyone. xxxxxx

  • yes that's the same for us and we went private to care - they were brilliant. However check with your CCG as I know people from the Salford area who have been allowed to transfer their funding over to care. OUr CCG wouldn't allow us to but we could have actually gone to Liverpool under the NHS which I didn't know at the time. Its worth checking if there are any other hopsitals which you could do to under the NHS. NOt all have criteria on AMH like St Marys.. I feel like ringing up St Marys and saying - you wouldn't help me but care did and I am now 30 weeks pregnant. I would say that Care are far far superior to St Marys anyway. There is not waiting times (or there wasn't).. they communicate well with you and they are so very very nice... Good luck.

  • Thank you again.. I really appreciate for your advice :) We were shocked by the results back that time and didn't prepare any question. I think we somehow mentioned if they can refer us to Care but doctor didn't say anything. Now we know a bit more and I think the first question I’ll be asking is if they can refer us with their funds as I’m 36 years old I don’t want to wait more. I’ll check from local CCG on Monday definitely. Such a shame they are not keen to help. I felt on the day that she just washed her hands and let us to go without any information. I didn't know until now that not every hospital has AMH policy! Even I was so scared if private hospitals refuse to do IVF. It’s just so heartbreaking. I can understand your feelings. Shame no one advised you on that time you could've gone to Liverpool..but I’m glad you have happy ending :)

  • I remember being totally floored when we saw the lady from St marys. She offered us private treatment with her in Spire but she opted for Care. The transfer of funding would come from your CCG so I would call your GP to see if he knows much about the process (which mine didn't to be honest) and then call the CCG for advice. They told me what I needed to do. Good luck with everything.. my AMH was 0.57 so very low so don't despair..

  • I asked GP for transferal to the Care. He’ll write a letter to CCG but it may take two weeks to do so.. Meanwhile I’ll repeat my tests with St Mary's. I know moral is very important but I think is difficult to keep yourself positive. I’m kind of losing my hopes everyday and feel like is not going to happen. I’m hoping to start treatment soon and I’m sure I’ll feel better in that time. I hope I’ll be the lucky one too.. :)

  • Hi good luck. I wuld call the CCG when you know the letter has been done for updates. Also ask if your health authority has a contract with any other hospital than St marys. Like I said before ours had one with Liverpool but I was never told

    Why are st marys repeating your bloods? The thing I hated with st marys amonst many other things was the waiting times.. At care there was no wait. you started when you were ready. Its a totally different league.

  • Hi Nellynel, they are repeating because I was shocked with the results (and they offered only egg donation) and they said I can repeat if I want to do so. I don't know what I am expecting, but thought that was the only solution in that time because they said either egg donation or you are out.. So I'll get my results & consultation on the 1st and I booked privately with Care on the 2nd. Meanwhile I'll check with CCG today if they have contract with other hospital and if they received my letter from GP. I can't get proper information and is very frustrating. I'm just hoping that I can start IVF this month with Care despite of my age, FSH and AMH level. I don't want to wait anymore without doing nothing. Waiting is the most difficult bit..

  • Hi you will get on really well at Care.. they are truly great. Let me know how you get on. Is your apt with them on the 2nd April? the CCG should be able to tell you on one phone call if you health authority has a contract with Care or not. If they don't then you would be looking at who else they had a contract with apart from St Marys or paying private. Like I said ours had a contract with Liverpool but I didn't know till we had already started the process privately. Goood luck and let me know how you got on. WHen I did it with Care there was no waiting times

  • Sorry! I thought I posted my comments but just recognized I haven’t. They are repeating my test because we were shocked with the result. We referred to St Marys because of low sperm count but finally they came up with low AMH and FSH, which my FSH level was 5.5 in October… We have consultation with St Marys tomorrow and day after with Care fertility. I follow up with GP for the referral letter, they said they sent on 18th of March but no record in Salford CCG. I’ll check again next week. I’m excited for tomorrow and hoping to start treatment with Care this month.. I hope everything goes fine :)

    Do you know if you have girl or boy?

  • I did post actually :) I’ll definitely let you know on Thursday after having consultation with Care :)

  • hi yes please let me know how you get on. I had a friend under Salford PCT and they allowed here to move her funding from st marys to care you hopefully you will be fine.. who is your apt with at Care?

  • OMG That is brilliant news! I have just been told mine is less than 4. Could I ask how old you are? I am 40 and am getting the impression docs are telling me not to bother - and worse giving me lectures about not having started sooner!

  • Hi I'm 39 now. . Main was practically none existent at 0.57.. partner had a zero sperm count too but they did a successful retrevial

  • Congratulations Nelly I am so glad everything has worked out for you. I am 35 years and have had 4 consultations all of which have come back saying I am menaupausal. My AMH is 0.57 the same as it was in your case, I really don't know where to begin and what to do, my and my husband are very keen and broken due to this diagnoses.

    DR's are unable to tell us the cause or from what age I have had this but to be honest I only ever got my natural cycle once in my teens.

    Can you please suggest, which clinic, specialist you saw so that I can have my consultation with them?

    We are both desperate to have our baby.

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