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Advice needed

Hi all

In the next few months I'm about to start my 5th IVF cycle, yes 5th!!!

A lady I know who is also being treated at the same clinic has had a few failed attempts, but has been offered steroids, aspirin and another drug can't remember what it's called, they didn't do any more testing to give her these. Do you think I should be asking for these as well due to none of my embryos implanting?

We are self funding so we would have to pay but if they help us to have s baby I'm willing to try anything.


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I am sorry you are experiencing difficulties, but in case of implantation issues I recommend that you discuss PGS NGS with yr doc. A few friends of mine experienced failed cycles and combined ivf with PGS NGS. They have undergone their treatment at a fertility clinic in Gdansk, because a clinic offers affordable, high- quality PGS NGS. May be total coincidence, but they fell pregnant at the first try. Best of luck on your battle!


Hi Catybr. It could be Clexane or Intralipid?? If you would like to email me in confidence, I can send you a list of questions to ask, to have a look through, before contacting the clinic again. You can email me in confidence to support@fertilitynetworkuk.org Good luck! Diane


Hi Honey,

I am so sorry for your struggles and really admire your strength ..just wanted to wish you lots better luck on your fifth cycle i really hope you get your BFP!! lots of baby dust to you xxxxxxxx


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