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Urgent advice needed... to transfer or not

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I have been doing a natural FET as artificial/medicated cycles just don’t work for me as my lining doesn’t respond. Had a mock natural cycle and lining got to 6mm ( good for me) and a great structure. Dr said he would transfer on this for sure, forward a month later to proper FET cycle, lining is 5.4mm day 14 and they want to trigger and go ahead. I challenged this as the cut off had always been 6mm but they said it’s a good structure and so happy to go ahead. I am so worried this is too thin. These are the last embryos I have left and this is our last cycle as we can’t keep going through the emotional and financial hell we have endured the past few years. I have always had a thin lining despite trying practically everything... any advice? Would you transfer?

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If they’re happy with the lining they must think it’s ok . They would be the first to say cancel if something wasn’t ok ?! If you’re not feeling it then you’ve the right to pause and try again another month 😘💐💐💐💖💖💖💖 hard decision , is 5.4 an average for you or are you normally more 6?

My first 2 fresh cycles I had 6 and 6.5 but past FETs have never got above 6. X

The clinic prob know this so maybe this is your ready to go measurements 🤷🏼‍♀️ tough decision 😘😘💖💖💖💐💐💐 thinking if you 😘

Thankyou xxx they originally said they wouldn’t transfer below 7, then 6 and now this so just worrying the goal posts are always moving 😔

Mmmm yeah, that would make me doubt them but then again I don’t know what good layers etc look like and just have to trust them. Ask a few more questions and tell them your concerns . If they calm you you’ll be fine 😘💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

that's a tough choice. I have seen through this forum some women have had a successful outcome from a thiner lining and I would usually take the advice of the clinic but this is entirely your choice. If your gut is telling you not to then do what feels right for you. Is it triple layer?

Ohhhh Im not sure what to do honey! I know how much you have tried to get your lining to behave and so frustrating that you got to 6mm in your mock cycle. As much as I would want to transfer and know how awful it is being in limbo land I would probably have one more go at building the lining on another cycle (with heaps of raspberry leaf tea, raspberry leaf supplements, vit E (you're possibly trying all of these things this time) to try to get over the 6mm mark but I know this is extra stress, time, money, worry.......and it may be the same or worse next month. Its a really tough decision to have to make and Im really sorry that you are going through this. Hugs.xx

I know 😔 is it bad that I feel I’m being a pain and putting the clinic out

No, not at all!! This is your decision and you have to feel comfortable that you can live by your decision. Its your body, your embryos, your choice and most of all.....your money!! What are you waivering towards?xxx

I’m tempted to cancel and try next month and hope for an extra mm like in my mock cycle. I just don’t want to live with the guilt of it not working and I had doubts but I feel bad going against my clinics advice.

Do you think it could thicken after trigger up to ovulation?

Im not really up on the whole "trigger thing" in a natural cycle. I know that it is to make you ovulate and therefore introduce more progesterone into your body. However whether it can help thicken before you ovulate Im not sure. Is there a reason the clinic isnt waiting until you naturally ovulate which may give you extra time for your lining to thicken or are you on the cusp of natural ovulation already?xx

They found on my mock cycle that I ovulate early at day 11/12 so game me Fyremadel to stop me ovulating and give my lining more days to develop, that’s why I need a trigger shot x

Ahhhh I see! Im completely with you now, that all makes sense. Could they hang off a few days for trigger, even for 24/48 hours or does that have a detrimental effect? Im sure you have asked all of this already. Are you going to be using progesterone afterwards? Gosh so much for you to think about. It sounds like you are leaning to having one more try at your lining from your other post so ask if they would be willing to support that?xx

Yeah I am going to ask if I could have an extra day but think as my leading follicle is almost 28mm they don’t want it to go much bigger 🤷🏻‍♀️. My estrogen levels were really high so the follicle is doing its job... just this blumming lining not wanting to respond Grrrr

Right, yes that would make sense that they would want to trigger soon with the size that it is. Could always ask if you could hang off a day or postpone until next month and see how that goes? I presume you have still be using all the "old wives tales" of raspberry leaf products? So super annoying for you....sorry Im not helping much here. I just dont want you to be pushed into something. If you tried again and your lining didnt make the 6mm perhaps you would have less doubts.xx

Such a tough one Hun. As you know I suffer with the same thing as well. One my last cancelled FET the clinic said they would have done it with a thinner lining of the structure was good but the Tamoxifen had ruined that so I didn’t even have the normal triple lining I normally have. One of your comments above was that you don’t want to regret anything and I think that’s how I’d feel as well. As hard as it is it sounds like waiting til next month and seeing if you can improve it is no bad idea?? Although I know that’s a really tough decision to make as it’s yet another delay... Good luck with whatever you decide xx

Clinic has just called and i have a LH surge despite the Fyremadel so can’t give me longer. They are happy to transfer Monday as they don’t feel they can do much more. I’m scared that if I cancel and go again next month what if I don’t even get to 5.5, clinic said.. ‘we are taking millimetres’ but in ivf terms 1mm is so significant. I really don’t know what to do

It’s so tough Hun, what have you decided to do?? xx

I’m swaying towards cancelling, I haven’t read anywhere success on less than 6 and I can take a chance on my last embryos. My consultant is calling at 10 and I hope it done have a fight on my hands x

I think I’d be the same as you Hun, must be even harder as you got further with your mock transfer. Really hope the call goes well and you can make a plan that you feel happy with xx

It’s a tough decision. If you have had 6mm and above before I’d postpone and wait another month. If you go ahead and it doesn’t work you’ll always wonder what if I waited and tried a month later. All cycles are different. Next time will be your time. Good luck Xx

I’m just worried that I go again next cycle and it’s less that 5.5 then I’d have been more regrets

I can understand. It’s a tough call. Have you asked your consultant for a 2nd opinion? Have you looked at all of your previous thicknesses, is it a decreasing trend or is it up & down?

It’s pretty much up and down, fresh cycles I got 5.5 and then 6.5, then a cancelled medicated FET on 4.5 then a FET went ahead on 6.3 ( unsuccessful) and then 2 more cancelled medicated FET at 4.2 and 5.3. They decided my body doesn’t respond to artificial estrogen so did a mock natural cycle and got to 6.0 day 11 so decided to go for it month after which was last month and that was 4.8 day 11 but I ovulated early, so they decided to do another natural cycle but give me meds to stop ovulating... which worked up until today day 13 when I ovulated naturally despite the meds. .... quite an up and down journey

Aha, I see, it certainly is an up & down journey! I’m sure you will make the right decision. Good luck! Keep us posted Xx

Good luck with your decision, it must be so incredibly difficult. I have everything crossed for you. I can't offer any advice, as I don't have any of experience, but so desperately want it to work out for you both x

Oh goodness I really feel for you, I too struggle with my lining (as you know). My clinic won’t transfer below 6mm (and it has to be triple layer).

Maybe wait another month? You’ve got your lining there before.

I’m thinking of you xx

Thankyou, it is triple layer, they said great quality which is why they would transfer but I am just too nervous about it.. I want to go into this final FET positive and I’m just no where near positive about this. Would have to pay but I don’t really care tbh, we will find the money somehow.

You’re right you need to feel positive and know that you’ve given your precious embryo the best chance xx

Well I cancelled last months FET as you know, went for this months final scan and lining is Still 5.5 with good structure so they want to go ahead again. They said if I am not happy I can cancel but that there isn’t much else they can do so how many months do we keep cancelling and trying again on the same protocol... I really don’t know how to make this decision.

Hello there. I see you struggle with your lining. Have you tried low dose stims and see if that helps?I am in the same boat and I'm waiting to see in Wednesday if my lining has improved.

Hi, I haven’t as I was told that the protocol with low dose stims was to get more follicles to produce estrogen but my estrogen levels are naturally really high so they didn’t think that would help x hope your scan goes ok and thinking thick lining thoughts.. to get you where you need to be x

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