Hey everyone,

So, I tested a day early yesterday and got a BFN. This was confirmed today with my BETA. Im devastated but trting to atay focused on naking my next chance a success. I only had one embryo to freeze as the others didn't make it. My question now is about weather I should do a down regulated or natural cycle with the FET in January. I'm nearly 38 so don't have so much time on my side. I have one more funded cycle after this one should I need it but really want to understand what gives the better chances of success with a FET? Has anyone got any experiences they would be willing to share? My clinic said it is more hit and miss with natural but I'm not sure what impact all those hormones in my system might have too.

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  • Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. I was hoping you'd have better news today. I hope your partner is taking good care of you. I don't know anything about frozen cycles, I just wanted to wish you well with it. x

  • Thanks Tlove. My hubby has had to go to work so I've thrown my self in to some cleaning followed by a good chat and a cuppa with my bestie.

    Thanks for your kind words xx

  • Sorry for your BFN xx I only had 1 frostie so decided to go with medication and throw everything at it, I would have tried natural if we'd have had more than 1..my clinic advised the same

  • Hey Rainbowbreeze80.

    Thank you, that's what I was thinking. As i only have one frostie, I didn't want to possibly waste it if I got the LH readings wrong, but if there was a better chance naturally I may go for that

    I am thinking medicated cycle at the moment.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, they are not always easy decisions so really appreciate everyone's input. Xx

  • We were told that the chances of getting pregnant are the same but doctors prefer doing a medicated cycle. I am doing medicated,but may try natural if this doesn't work. Sorry ivf didn't work.

  • My friend did a medicated one with 2 cool kids and is now pregnant !!!

    Cool kids rock xx

  • I love this- the cool kids ha! Might have to nick this :)

  • I had mediated and now 11 weeks almost. I think the progesterone definitely helps after transfer if you read up on it. Basically the doctors are able to get your body perfect for transfer through meds... and if your not quite there they can play about with your doses. X

  • Hi samrakkar- congratulations on your pregnancy! I've somewhat hijacked sarahndave's post, but wanted to ask you, how many Frosties did you have transferred? I am about to start a frozen cycle and we only have one! It's a 5day blasto so hoping this works in our favour :) x

  • hey! only 1 darl x and i used my best one earlier on in the year. this one was lagging behind a day so technically was a 6 day blast. good luck x

  • That gives me hope :) wishing you all the best xx

  • Congratulations, that is really great to hear. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy xx

  • Hi sarahndave, so sorry your last cycle didn't work :( we are waiting to start a frozen transfer too (medicated but we weren't told natural was an option)- also with just one! :-/

    Good luck honey xx

  • Good luck to you too WeeMrsH. Xxx

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