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Advice needed

Hi guys

Just wanting to draw on your experiences. At the fertility specialist again on Tuesday. I've been using the clear blue opk's and I'm ovulating around day 22. I've never been pregnant, had all the tests but no luck after txt for 1 year 5 months. My husband has already got a son from a previous marriage so we no we won't get a round of IVF on the NHS.

I'm 35 in January will the hospital refer me for ivf since I think I'm ovulating? What other options do We have? Do you think it's worth starting ivf after 1 year 5 months of trying, since we have to pay for it ourselves or should we wait the 2 years the NHS recommend?

Thanks. X

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Hi there, do you know for sure that you won't get IVF funding? My partner also has a son from a previous relationship, but because he doesn't live with us we were still legible for funding of one cycle.

Personally, I would get going as soon as possible. You don't know what issues might be flagged up and how long they might take to sort out. Remember that there are other options to IVF. Perhaps IUI may be worth a try first?

Good luck! X


Thanks for replying! We were told at our first ever appointment that our trust won't pay for a cycle. Is IUI something the NHS does. It's never been mentioned before. I will bring that up on Tuesday.

I've had a quick look at your profile. Congratulations! Very exciting time for you. Xx


Thank you! Sounds like that's a definite no for funding then. The NHS do do IUI but I doubt you would be able to get funding for that if you're not eligible for IVF. It is much cheaper though, so it may be an option to try before paying out for full IVF. I think it depends on what your fertility diagnosis is. If unexplained, then it could well be worth a go. Definitely ask about it at your appointment. Xx


Thanks I will ask about IUI. Did you have treatment on the NHS or privately? I've no idea where to start when looking at clinics. X


We had a fresh cycle on the NHS which ended in a chemical pregnancy and then paid privately for our remaining two frozen embryos to be implanted in a natural cycle, which was successful. We had two clinics to choose from and went on success rates, reviews and convenience. You can see all the data via the HFEA website. hfea.gov.uk/choose-a-clinic/ is a good place to start. Don't underestimate the importance of convenience as you will be going backwards and forwards for lots of appointments, probably during your working day, and if it's inconvenient it can lead to lots of stress, which you definitely don't want. X


Thanks for the link! I will definitely be checking that out. Thank you so much for your advice, I'm finding the journey increasing isolating. I've been open sharing with friends and family but I feel voicing my concerns a conversation killer. I'm really struggling to talk to my husband about how I'm feeling too. It doesn't appear to affect him as it does me. Xx


Oh hun, I really feel for you, it is such a hard journey. I won't lie, with all the drugs and stress and inevitable heartache it will probably get worse and you will go a bit mad and have really bad days, but you just need to remember why you're doing it and that it will all be worth it when you have your baby. Your husband may not be suffering the same way that you are, but it doesn't mean that he doesn't care. You will need each other so try to talk to him if you can. In the meantime, all the ladies on here are lovely and supportive and there is always someone here to listen and reassure when you need it - I don't think I could have got through it without the support on this forum. Xxx

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Yes they will refer you even if you are ovaluting. I always ovulated and ivf was still offered.


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