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Advice needed

Hi guys

Just wanting to draw on your experiences. At the fertility specialist again on Tuesday. I've been using the clear blue opk's and I'm ovulating around day 22. I've never been pregnant, had all the tests but no luck after trying for 1 year 5 months. My husband has already got a son from a previous marriage so we know we won't get a round of IVF on the NHS.

I'm 35 in January will the hospital refer me for ivf since I think I'm ovulating? What other options do We have? Do you think it's worth starting ivf after 1 year 5 months of trying, since we have to pay for it ourselves or should we wait the 2 years the NHS recommend?

Thanks. X

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Have you had it confirmed that your not entitled on the NHS, as I know certain areas do fund it.

If you are paying private then I wouldn't wait for the NHS I'd start researching private clinics etc,

Have you had lapscropy done yet?

Wishing you all the best with your journey x


Thanks for taking the time to reply. We were told at our very first appointment our trust doesn't fund couples with children from previous relationships.

HSG has still to carried out. The last two months they haven't been able to fit me in because of staff sickness and holidays, much to my annoyance! The dr thinks I'm low risk of blocked tubes and it's just a formality they need to rule out.

Do you know of any forums that discuss different clinics, I know specific clinics can't be mentioned by name on here. Xx


That's a shame,

Make sure you chase up your hsg as that can tell a lot,after mine I had to go for another lap as they found hydrosalplinx in my only tube, now clipped,

You can ask on here private clinics in your area and ask people to pm you any,

I'm not sure where you are but I'll pm you the private one I went to when o had my first cycle,

Thanks x


Clinics can't be named but you can say what area your in and ask people to message you privately if they have used clinics in your area. Good luck with everything 🤞


Thanks I live in CARLISLE, Cumbria. Can anyone recommend any good clinics? The nearest one is 50 miles away in Newcastle. Newcastle centre at life had anyone had any experience of this clinic? X


Hi, I wouldn't just go by the ovulation sticks. I used to use them & it would eventually say I was ovulating- usually much later than I should have been. I then had some blood tests & they showed I wasn't ovulating at all. Ask the dr if you can get checked if they don't ask for the test automatically.


They did an internal ultra sound and there was a corpus luteum there so I think that's enough evidence for the dr plus the positive opk's to draw the conclusion I'm ovulating? Usually ovulate CD22 which is late i know but i don't think my dr has a problem with this. What has your experience been? X


Yea same here I thought I was ovulating but not, the NHS fertility team should be able to offer you advice and do some tests and offer some meds to support if possible before ivf but if they do suggest ivf is your best chance I would post the message you've added above as a new post on the forum then it will get more attention! Good luck x


Were you getting false positives on opk's? I've been using the dual hormone Ines that give you high and peak fertility when it detects a rise is LH the egg triggering hormone. Xx


My story was quite simialr to yours. Have you day 21 bloods done to confirm ovulation rather than opk stick which doesn't confirm this? I had all my tests on NHS to confirm they couldn't find anything wrong and then decided not to pursue ivf as I had to pay and just wait and be patient and seek alternative therapies to get my bfp. If you are willing to go private and pay I would just book a consultation and get on with it. It's likely they will will do all tests for you again and treatment can start pretty soon. Best of luck x


Just to say day 21 bloods would be pointless if the OP ovulates on day 22.

They tend to do day 3 bloods now as that can confirm ovulation happened during the last cycle. You can get a private home finger prick test for this, we're getting one done next month for our yd as in our area you have to try for 2 years before they'll even do any investigations! They only get one go at ivf too sadly.

We're also getting a thyroid/vitamin B12, D, Ferritin and Folate test done as deficiencies in these can all hinder ovulation.

PCOS can show weird OPD results as if you have this your body tries to push the ovaries into releasing the egg but fails, so you'll get a positive but it doesn't always mean you've ovulated, if not, a few days later, it'll try again. Sometimes it manages it but keeping track is one of the main reasons it's so hard to conceive with the condition. But with the correct diet, exercise and the help of excess insulin mopping up meds/supplements many do achieve their goal. The fertility friend app is very good when combined with taking your basal body temperature every day on waking before getting out of bed.

Good luck, there's a lot you can do to try and help yourself while you're waiting to go down the ivf route, it just depends on what the problem is.

For others reading this, as I know your hubby already has a child, (although things can change over time) the first thing we did was buy her fiancé a home myswimcount test as that was only £39, this tests mobility as well as numbers, which came out as him being mega fertile lol, he had a grin on his face for days 🙄😂 xx

P.S. For anyone who thinks it's weird I'm getting so involved, for the last 15 years I've been breeding dogs so my interest in their reproductive habits has meant that everyone in the family sees me as a sort of fertility expert, I spend a lot of my time looking up boring medical studies online but do find some gems occasionally 🤕🤓 😂 x


Thanks for taking the time to reply. Your daughter is very lucky to have a mum that is so clued up.

My hubby has had this sperm checked and we are above average of that front which the other half interprets as 'exceptional' 🙄🤣.

I've never heard of the test where you prick your finger to see if you have ovulated. Can you send me a link?

I have tried temping in the morning and recording my temperature it having a under active thyroid you can't rely on temping before taking my meds i was walking myself up at 3 in the morning to give them chance to get into my system but after a few weeks i decided it was too stressful and wasn't helping me to relax.

On a side note and a little bit of rant. Doesn't anyone else want to laugh at people that tell you just to relax it will happen. Just got af this morning and I'm feeling a little angry. Xx

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Oh no, I'm sorry, it's awful isn't it. Our daughter's the same every month 😔

There's often a thyroid connection, our daughter has been tested as sub clinical but GP won't medicate. The NICE guidelines are that someone ttc should be below 2.5 TSH at the very least, preferably closer to 1. They're reviewing their guidelines into it over the next few months, so here's hoping they push it a bit more. What are your latest results, TSH and FT4 are the important ones? Your GP should be checking them every 6 weeks if you're ttc, you'll have to have your meds increased once you are pregnant as well.

They're a great lot on here, amazingly supportive! Take care xxx


I've had a under active thyroid for years. I've never thought to ask what my TSH levels are when the DR says my meds are right. Another question to add to my list for our appointment tomorrow! I have my bloods taken once a year. I doubt you would find anything out from having your thyroid checked every 5 weeks as there it can take several weeks for the meds to work. When it was out at Christmas last year had a TSH level of 12 which wasn't great and was the reason for my 56 plus day cycles.

Where is your daughter up too on this journey, if you don't mind me asking? Xx


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