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Post egg transfer - advice needed

Had egg collection last week -  were a total of 8 eggs collected .. 4 weren't doing a great deal but 4 fertilised and were around the same stage but not quite as advanced as the clinic would have liked . We are having IvF due to my partners infertility so had donor sperm - all tests on me to date have shown good results and positive (am result was good? I'm 37 so we are having to pay privately . Had egg transfer yesterday and they said due to the quality of the eggs and my age they would like to put 2 in which I agreed to. I had a call from the clinic today to say the remaining two were not a good enough quality to freeze so out of 8 that were collected I'm totally dependant on the two inside me doing what they should be doing . I guess I always expected to have some to freeze especially from 8 so I was quite saddened by this news especially as I don't know how long it will be before we could afford another complete round of IvF if this one doesn't work. I just have to keep positive - has anyone gone through a similar thing? Anything I should do to increase the chances of success of the ones inside me ? Thank you xx

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Similar story here - only ended up with 2 at transfer and was disappointed not to have any to freeze but I put my faith in the little embies and I'm 29 weeks along with twins. I'm also 37. So don't give up, stay positive and take care of yourself. Eat well, rest, stay hydrated and keep positive. We also gave nicknames to the embies that were transferred, kind of helped make it seem more real. x


Thank you so much - just needed a little pick me up to stay positive so thank you :) I've cut out caffeine but getting raging headaches today ! My test is on the 9th may xx


I cut out coffee too and miss that more than alcohol now!! But I decided to keep drinking tea as I needed something, I just limit it to 2-3 cups. Test day won't be long coming for you now, only a week. I assume you're on prenatal vitamins?


Hey Hali

Yes :(

First time 16 collected, 15 fertilised, only 4 remained, all put quality, 2 in the other 2 died.

Second time did acupuncture, royal jelly, maca, no sugar, no caffeine, walking. 8 collected ( I had a full blown panic attack so they had to stop, I live in spain and EC not under anaesthetic :( )

7 fertilised, all frozen day 2 due to ohss ( again)defrosted. First 3 poor quality so defrosted the others. Quality plot, 2 in all others died.

Now doing dna and fragmentation spermtests before being told if we get a third try or not

If we do... I'm going to live my life normally, I don't smoke or drink and am not overweight. Just going to have faith and pray.

They say royal jelly and maca could help as could acupuncture.... In the end I think we are looking for miracles :)

Wish you all the luck in the world honey xx

Mother nature does things for a reason, be kind to yourself. They would not have implanted your two miracles if they had no chance. Any hope is amazing, until you get a no, you are pregnant :)


What is maca and how is that and royal jelly supposed to help? I'm intrigued!


Thank you so much - Im booked in for accupuncture tomorrow and aim to have a restful weekend . Come on mother nature do your thing :-) xx


Hi, I had 7 eggs collected, 4 fertilised and only 1 made it to blastocyst. None to freeze. That 1 blastocyst is currently a 27 week baby kicking my tummy like mad 😬 Stay positive, it only takes 1! I'm 33 but had low AMH (the level of a 45-50 year old) and was told IVF success rate for us was less than 10%. Acupuncture really helped me as well. Good luck xxx


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