Am i bonkers??

Just wanting some help. Im fast approaching test date and usually by now I have started bleeding and last fet had a chemical pregnancy. This time im on steroids, lubion twice a day, progesterone tabs and clexane and nothing has happened. I have no pregnancy symptoms either but im just wondering would it be the meds delaying things or should i stay positive and keep everything doubley crossed as i am that this is our lucky one??

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  • Stay positive!! Most pregnancy symptoms would kick in later for a lot of people, so no reason for you to doubt anything yet x

  • Thanks hollibob. I think I'm just used to bad news that's all. Keeping everything crossed and praying it's our time xx

  • Hi Sam101. Just got to hang on till test day! We don't always get symptoms, and the drugs you have been prescribed are to hopefully enhance implantation and not to mask symptoms. Keep positive my lovely, and I will keep everything crossed! Good luck! Diane

  • Thank you Diane. I'm keeping everything crossed and praying this is the one xx

  • Good luck Sam - stay positive and fingers crossed for a bfp for you.

  • Thank you city74. Im keeping everything crossed xx

  • Yikes you're almost there!! Just a few more sleeps!! Keeping everything crossed that it's good news for you Sam! x x x

  • Thank you mommabear. I really hope its good news xx

  • Hope this is your one Sam, the 2ww is a killer and makes you feel like you've gone bonkers but believe me you're no more so than any of us! Lots of luck xx

  • Thank you georgina i appreciate your support after what you have been through. I dont know how i will cope if its not our one to be honest xx

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