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Tried to do a sneaky test 😁

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OK since I'm off today and hubby is at work ,my test day is tomorrow so I though I know I will do a test this morning as we have to go to hospital tomorrow and I will be more prepared if it's negative and hubby won't know lol.

So I get the stick pee on it and then think where do you read the results .... i was only suppose to put it in a digital reader first , and no sticking it in the digital reader after you pee on stick doesn't work ..... go figure lol lol

Oh well I guess I will find out with the hubby in the morning and that will teach me for trying to be sneaky lol

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I may be wrong but the lines should still show on the test. I know the digital ovulation tests work that way. The digital part just helps to read the result. Fingers crossed for you xx

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Well if your right then it's a negative πŸ˜•.

I will retest again in the morning and remember to put in in the reader first x

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stay strong. You're more likely to get a false negative than a false positive xx


This did make me laugh a sneaky tests lol. Good luck tomorrow πŸ€πŸ€

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What makes it worse was my hubby wasn't even in so I don't know why I was rushing lol.

Thank you

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Ha ha x

Oh cocker this made me smile!! It sounds like something I would do if I was trying to be sneaky! Fingers crossed for a BFP tomorrow - not long to go now! x x x

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Lol its give me a bit more relaxed day cause I keep chuckling to myself about it.

Yes hopefully will have a good out come tomorrow thank you xx

On no! How frustrating! I don't think they do work hun if you've already peed on it. I'm sure it has to saturate into something in the test so I would disregard any result you had. I'm the queen of sneak when it comes to tests😁

Do you have any OV sticks you could use? When I was going cold turkey with PG tests I used them and DH didn't twig what I was up to 😏

I've never done that with a test before but I did pee in the hood of my onesie one time without knowing and stood up and drenched myself 🀒 If that makes you feel any better lol

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No I don't have any ov tests , I think it's fate now that I just find out tomorrow.

Lmao oooo dear definatly feel better after hearing your onesie experience 😊.

If only men knew the drama we go through been female eh x

Aghhh the suspense is killing me here.. .πŸ˜‚Let us know tomorrow please xx

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Will do πŸ˜• x

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