Convinced DH to try ICI all dignity has now left the building!

I suggested to DH that we could try self insemination as he can put sperm right by cervix opening & have more control. He liked the idea so I bought the stuff we needed.

This morning was our first attempt & I truly have no dignity left now!

My butt in the air with hubby trying to put a speculum in while confessing he doesn't know what a cervix looks like (suppose it'd be weird if he did), the little sod was hiding, I had to then find do a squat to find it & snare it then somehow lay back down πŸ˜‚

Thing is I almost ruined his providing of the sperm by getting all eager with the cup in the first place so in the end he didn't provide as many of the boys as he should have 😜

I have got a positive opk today so we'll do it again tomorrow. On a plus note it will take pressure off any sex as now that can be for fun as we have cups & syringes for baby making 😳😝

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  • I actually just laughed out loud reading this, so funny. The things we do hopefully it will work for you and at least you can laugh whilst trying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ X

  • Thanks Button it was defo an experience! X

  • Hi poochi

    Thank you for making me laugh on a Saturday morning!! The things we do!!!

    Good luck xx

  • Got to start the weekend off with a laugh, or a syringe up your flu 😝

  • Lol πŸ˜„ We have to laugh or else we'd probably cry!

    Lots of luck with it, you never know it might be just the thing!

    Holly x

  • πŸ˜‚ this infertility lark is so depressing so this story has really made my day!! Just a little reminder we're all human and it really is the little things that keep us going! Thanks for sharing and good luck! X

  • Thanks embie, when I first looked into it I instantly thought it was a miracle answer (think I'd had my first drink in a while 🍸) but my head is on straight again now & I know it's just a little something to hopefully give the sperm an edge :) X

  • Ahhhh poochi that is very funny!πŸ˜‚ Anything is worth a try I guess, you never know!xx

  • That's hilarious! So lovely that you and hubby can laugh at that together, stuff of a strong marriage I reckon!

    Good luck xx

  • Haha! This is such an uplifting post (sorry it's at the compromise of your dignity!) the things us ladies will do! It sounds like you have a strong supportive marriage with lots of fun too, a precious thing. Really hope this works for you 😊 Xx

  • We did a home ICI with hubby's frozen washed sperm last week! πŸ™ˆ Although with the things he's witnessed through everything my body has presented, I had no dignity left anyway! Cheers to us if it works! 😝

  • This is disgustingly funny. I will never get this image out of my mind πŸ˜‚

  • That's us every month for over 12 months now; minus the romance and passion haha and a speculum

  • Hi Tugsgirl, sorry you've been having to go through this. Can I ask did you put the tip of the syringe just inside the cervix or just nearby? Given our situation it's very unlikely it'll make any impact but it just makes me feel like I'm doing something for now :) x

  • I have read that putting it inside the cervix can potentially cause infection and pain so to deposit it at the entrance. There is a theory that an orgasm afterwards may help because it causes the cervix to 'dip' into the sperm. I have an orgasm every time afterwards (with syringe in place) it's not romantic but it's possible believe me lol. Still, it's made no difference to us. We have little hope of it working either but we've got nothing to lose.

  • Yeah is read the same but I've asked DH to put it as close to or just inside. My theory is a penis isn't sterile, can hit the cervix & the force of ejaculate can force sperm into cervix... wishing you lots of luck in your journey & my advise is read 'it starts with the egg' by Rebecca fett. She talks through vitamins & supplements from a science angle. Good luck x

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