Next fertility appointment!

Hi ladies

I have my next fertility appointment this Thursday to see what the next stage is for me and my husband. I know that ivf will be discussed. I was just after some advice on what I should be asking the doctor. I wanted to ask her about the benefits of having accupunture. Have any of you ladies had this done to help you? I had my iui sessions done at Chelsea and westminster, has anybody had ivf there?

Thank you xx

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  • I have found modern medicine doesn't always approve of a holistic approach to fertility which (personally) I think is a shame as the success rates from acupuncture and reflexology can be higher than a costly and stressful round of Ivf.

    I think you will need to find the balance for yourself guided by a Doctor and a therapist to support your needs.

    Good luck x

  • Thank you for much for your reply xxx

  • Our clinic said if it helped me feel relaxed it was worth it. The nurse was more in favour as she'd had it herself. Hubby also had some accupunctute. I had reflexology and accupuncture. Sadly it didn't make any difference for us.

  • I'm just about to have my second go at fertility acupuncture on Friday, im having it alongside starting my icsi, I thought it's not going to do anything bad so surely anything is worth a try.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you for your reply!! I am going to give it a try. I will ask my nurse if they do sessions at the hospital because my local accupunture place charges 50 per session. I mean I don't mind paying that if it will help. Good luck for your journey to motherhood xxx

  • Yeah I'm having to pay Β£43 a session for mine, we're self funding unfortunately so Β£6000! But I suppose it's only a few Β£ on top πŸ˜…πŸ˜’πŸ˜…

  • Oh no!!! Have you had ivf on the NHS. We get 1 fresh cycle and 1 frozen cycle. I really hope it works as our savings are for a house. Everything is so expensive!!

  • No help unfortunately. We already have 1x son so don't get help. Thank goodness we brought our house 4 years ago and got married 2 years ago so all of our big saving episodes were gone. This was the next one!

  • Aww bless. Me and my partner are both 29, we have said we want to focus on the baby situation first and then our own place. Praying the nhs one works for us

  • Ah we're a bit older I'm 34 & hubby is 39.

    Yeah wish you all the luck in the world! Xx

  • Hi PM27 thank you for your reply. I will give it a go! I just want to see a postive now. Every month feels long and drained. But after our second failed iui i feel positive for ivf. I hope you become a mummy soon. Wish you the best of luck xx

  • Sadly we ceased treatment as I can't face any more failures or tests.

    I hope you get your baby soon.

  • Hi, Ive decided to try acupunture too - Β£35 per session. Ive only had one session so far nad it was quite relaxing though I cant say whether it will help or not but Ive read a fair bit on saying that it increases the success rate. Like most Im trying whatever I can. Also had a scratch done before commencing treatment as there is a lot of good evidence that it can help implantation. Good luck with what you decide.x

  • Hi cinderlla thank you for your reply! Are you starting ivf soon? Does the nhs offer to do the scatrch or is that something I will need to do privately? I am willing to try everything and anuthing at the moment! I have also started cutting back on tea which I love! So only 2 cups of decaf tea and I have stopped sugar. I do eat fairly healthy but still don't know why it's not happened yet x

  • I just started my nasal spray to down regulate on 27th May so have just started. Had the endometrial scratch done on the Monday before that, Β£150. This wasnt included in my NHS treatment but I think some places are offering it on a trial at the moment as they have done some smaller studies with good results so got funding for a larger one. I have switched to decaf too, havent notice too much difference to be honest, so glad its summer and not winter or I'd be needing to drink more!x

  • Aww I really hope this works for you! Are you able to provide me with the details for where you got the scratch done? I will ask about that tomorrow aswell. I am a bit scared that my AMH blood tests results won't be good as I ovulate on like day 10 or 11. I was told to have a blood test done privately. But my FSH blood tests were good. I'm 29 so I think the nurse was saying I should get it tested

  • I'll private message you with details.x

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