Bleeding so no baby

I jus posted about 2 hours ago talking about brown spotting which has now turned in to bleeding. I think today is going to be a very difficult day to get through as i already spent the past hour in tears. Even thoug i was trying to prepare myself mentally it hasnt really made things any easier. My partners pretty numb at the moment he keeps asking me if im sure thats its my period :-)) i think i was just so angry and full of emotion that moment in time that i just went in to an uncontrolable laughter which then turned in to tears. He is still hopefull about our test on friday im not even sure if i should turn up:-(( as it feels pretty pointless now. Anyway first ivf treatment failed ladies now i have the joy of going through all this again :-( wish me luck...

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  • Im really sorry and as you know I have no experience to share with you at this stage. However I have read about others bleeding and still getting positives so hopefully you will get some stories to gain some experience from.. I am thinking of you and keeping hopeful

  • Thanks nellynel, right now all my positivism has been drained out of me. I called the clinic so im waiting for a responce in regards to whether or not i should continue with the meds or even bother going to this blood test friday. I now need to just book a holiday, relax my mind and soul and come back to go through it again.

    I will try my best to keep posting because i know that it helps some people.However sometimes its so painfull that i cant even seem to have the enrgy to touch the keypad on my phone to talk about how i feel or whats going on.

    Anyway on a more positive note i still have two more chances and if all fails my parents and inlaws have offered to pay for us to receive treatment abroad so hopefully one day i will be posting pics of my little prince or princess:-( xxxx

  • HI that great you have 3 more chances tho... just take time out for yourself you to heal a little bit

  • Yeah i will do thanks for your kind words xx

  • you could still be positive , implantation can cause spotting and bleeding , everybody is different. sometimes it can be un-related !!! Like a small tear in your uterus . Are the symptoms the same amount of blood as your usual period ?

    I still feel positive for you both, Its a very frustrating time and the 2 week wait is the worst part.

    Keep your heads high, your doing fantastic.

  • Thanks mrandmrs for your comments. Im not hopefull to be honest :-) as for the blood question im sure that its my period, i mean its heavy and im getting cramps so defo period. I mean i was prepearing my self for this outcome but it still tore my heart. I now have to concentrate on me and my partner so we can help eachother during this difficult time :-( .

  • Keep your head up! I myself have suffered from a miscarriage aswell and let me tell you I know its not easy. Even when your hopes aren't high and you never planned it. When you do find out its the most painful and unexplainable feeling imaginable that you didn't get the option to keep him/her or not. I was 2 months along. Its been 4 years and I still think about that moment a long time ago and coincidentally yesterday was the 4 years anni on the day I found out I miscarried.......

    But I promise you will get through this and you will conceive one day. I want a baby so bad one day and I'm not giving up!


  • Hi scorpioqueen thanks for your kind words. Im so sorry about your baby all those years ago. I just cant seem to get myself together today, ive been crying hysterically all day, just as i think "ok ive got it all out now im going to be ok" i rewind back to the beginning again. I spent the day cursing my periods :-) yeap i think i have officially lost the plot. Its the one of the most difficult times of my life and i hope i will get through this. I spent nights sleeping with the uktrasound pic of our embryos and just praying "pls happen". Im just heart broken its the most discusting feeling i have ever experienced.

    My husbands been great he keeps telling me that we have two frozen embryos so i should keep calm and sane. However at the moment i just want to be around people that know what im going through. So this website has been a massive help. Thank you xxxx

  • Hi Melissa

    Hope you are feeling a bit better today. I am in the same boat. Started my period yesterday. Day 7 after our blastocyst transfer. So still got 4 days until test. Not sure if I can be bothered to continue with the progesterone pesseries. Did you?

    It's the weekend so can't phone the ACU for advice. Feeling numb today and don't feel like getting out of bed. :( xxx

  • Hi sarah, unfortunaly i spent the night at the a&e so just managed to get myself together this morning to reply. I went in with period pains cramping, vomiting because i was in so much pain i cnt even begin to describe. They told me after the urine test that i was pregnant however i may be miscarrying hence the extreme pain. I was put on the drip because i was so dehyrated and my period was really heavy. Anyway after the blood test they said that i had probably miscarried baby hormones were really low so was told to go 2 days later for a blood test to see if anything haa changed.

    I continued and am still continuing to take the meds,so should you. Continue doing what your doing until you go for your test regardless of the bleeding. I started bleeding on day 7 as well. I hope your outcome is not the same as mine hon, because some women bleed and they still get positive so dont panick just yet

    Good luck with the rest of your treatment

  • Oh my goodness Melissa!! I'm so sorry to hear you've been having such a terrible time. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me. I don't think I would have the energy after what you have been through. I will carry on with the meds today after all then and I plan to speak to the hospital tomorrow. Unfortunately I don't have any advice for you but please know my thoughts are with you and hope get lots of love and support at home. Take care xxxx

  • I have a fantastic at and im inlaws have been with me througjout this process. Im trying to post as much as i can because i know that it helps us all to know that we are not aline even though none of us actually know each other. Im ok today the pain has gona i was given meds for vomiting and abdominal pain so its all good now. I have fantastic support at home from both my parents,siblings and my inlaws. Its definately nice to have that although sometimes its also good to be alone as well.

    I think once you get over the misscarriage shock you start becoming angry at the fact that theres so.many non deserving parents out there who can have kids with the click of a finger and there i am reaponsible, settled have a good sence of morals and healthy life style and stuck in this prediciment. And you think " is definately unfair" :-(

  • Hi saraj just wonderin what happened with your treatment as you were also bleesing on the 7th day of egg transfer? Xx

  • Hi sarah just wonderin what happened with your 2ww aa you similar to me were also bleeding on your 7th day? I hope tbat your outcome was alot better than mine xxx

  • Feeling for you xxx take some time to look after yourself x

  • Thank you flowergirl, i have been through hell and back these past couple of months but i just have to try and stay motivated. Im booking my holiday so thats something to look forward to. I juat need to get away, recharge my battery and hopefull start the second cycle with a better frame of mind. I dont know much about your story but i wish you all the best as well. Take care xx

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