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Hi everyone, well today I've had my IUI cycle abandoned after my 10th-day ultrasound (2nd round of IUI). Had 3 follicles; 2 of 16 mm and 1 of 20 mm after taking clomid 50, apparently too risky for IUI! Is there anyway that we can change their mind to continue with the cycle? Like signing a form to say we are happy to do so? I was also advised not to BD without protection. What does everyone think? Forgot to mention I am 37, unexplained fertility and have been TTCing for more that 1 year.

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  • Hey Hun that's odd that your clinic cancelled, on my IUI I had 5 follicule and 2 were 18,22 and the left ovary had smaller ones. Maybe try speaking to the clinic again xx

  • Thank you, will do. Does it depend on the hospital and where it situated? I live in Leicestershire. Will definitely speak to the clinic, thanks again.

  • I think it just depends on the hospital. They may have cancelled due to you making too make follicue so they are worried about multiple births. X

  • Exactly, I was told 3 follicles could lead to triplets and thats why they prefered to stop this cycle. Next time, there wont be any clomid for me, just natural IUI.

  • Hiya, I'm leicestershire as well, had my first iui Monday.. they mentioned to me they wouldn't continue if more than 2 as well.. so not sure whether they will agree to you continuing xx definitely worth asking again though just in case

  • Hey, checked with the clinic again. There is noway I can continue with this cycle with 3 follicles. Next time no clomid, only natural IUI for us. Is yours Leicester Infirmary as well? Good luck with your cycle; please do update me x

  • Yes mine is Leicester infirmary too.. just on the dreaded wait at the moment. I don't feel any difference though so not feeling very positive :s I'm sure once your not on the chlomid you'll be fine for next month, it's so annoying having to delay it though:(will keep you updated and let me know how you get on too xx

  • Keepin figers cossed for you :) Have you done blood test by the way? The one you need to do 1 week after IUI? I`m still waiting for my ovulation, checking 2 times a day ... Let`s see x

  • Thanks :) Yes I had the blood test yesterday.. so might ring tommorrow to see what they say xx

  • I think it's standard but 3 isn't that many! Even if they don't continue with this cycle I'd not use protection this month and keep my fingers crossed.

  • This cycle is definitely abandoned from their side, but I was thinking exactly like you: No protection, lets give it ago :)

  • Personally I would risk it and baby dance-the chances of all the eggs being fertilised are pretty slim. And by having more eggs may give you a better chance of getting pregnant.

    I have taken clomid 100mg four cycles and we know there is a big risk of me releasing more than egg-we have been happy to take the risk and have said we will have whatever we are meant to have. Sadly no pregnancy still.

    I have been told to stop treatment as I had a bad reaction on my 4th cycle of clomid long story and I have a cyst-waiting to hear from consultant to see if I can start again next month. Ekk.

    Ultimately it's your call. You must do what is right for you. No one can make that choice.

    I wish you the best with whatever decision you make.


  • Hiya, just read some of your previous posts. You have been through a lot hun; wish we all end up with one or maybe more cutie pies :) I think we are going to take the risk and give it ago, BD with no protection. As you said we will have whatever we are meant to have x

  • My client said it was my choice. I didn't work for us but we still went ahead

  • We are going ahead as well; just checking on and waiting for ovulation now. I will keep everyone updated x

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