IUI and test day

Hi ladies

It is meant to be my test day tomorrow after my iui, however I took a test this morning and it was negative :(

I am going to see how it goes tomorrow but I have got a tiny bit of brown stuff when I wiped earlier today. I just wanted to know has anyone got a negative and then a postive? This is my second iui but I guess we will be moving onto ivf as the next stage now :(

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  • Don't give up, I got a BFP on Thursday and was bleeding, I'm still bleeding on and off but my hcg levels are rising well, back for more blood tests on Mon xx

  • Congratulations button! I just tested today and it was a negative. 😢 and iv got light bleeding.. I guess I will see what the gynecologist says on Thursday. I think the next step will be ivf x

  • Congratulations

  • Aw sorry to hear that xxx

  • Fingers crossed for you hun x

  • Thank you Tara. Looks like it's a no again this month. X

  • Im sorry hear that nd1987 x this situation is so horrible and unfair x remember this is not your fault x I hope the Gynae has some positive news about you going forward x hope in time you feel better x wishing you success in your journey x

  • Hi jess1981 thank you very much for your kind words. I had a good cry this morning but it don't help that I am on my way to a children's party. I just can't be bothered to go. I don't understand why this is happening to me and just feel very sad. Some days I feel good and others I lose hope and feel even ivf won't work. X

  • dear nd1987, sorry to hear that..just keep positive thinking and it should work out one day. just we need to try many times and wait for long...i had gone through ivf with icsi and did something wrong with my last medication ovulation injection....so on the egg collection day they found no egg but took long time to search eggs and that hurt me much..that day i cried a lot but now still hope for the good and will be waiting for to start it again..i think still i need to wait for more than 3 months n i just wish the time to run fast...i believe you will run ur battle one day...just dont lose hope....tc.

  • Hi lovewinspain thank you for your kinds words. It's been a hard time for nearly 2 years of ttc. I thought today was going to be total crap being around kids all day but it was actually ok. My first and only neice is 5 months and every time I see her I wish for a baby like her. I also feel so sad for my husband who had brought a baby outfit as he thought it would have been a postive this month. It just breaks my heart that it hasn't happened yet. I'm so sorry to hear you had an issue with your medication. I do hope you get your happy ending to. Wishing all the women on this site good health and courage to get through these testing times xx

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