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Hi everyone! DH and I are just starting our first cycle, we are using ICSI due to his low motility. I took norethisterone for ten days and am supposed to bleed before the baseline scan. We have this booked for Wednesday, though I haven't started bleeding yet... I just wanted to introduce myself and ask if anyone has any advice for us on our first cycle? I've read a lot about acupuncture and reflexology and wonder if these are worth doing? My fertility doc just said do whatever helps me relax :-)

Also... Any tips on supplements to be taking? I currently take Vit C, Zinc, Omega 3, folic acid and vitamin E. Hubby is on Vit C, Zinc, Omega 3 and Vitamin E... Any others we should consider?

TIA :-)

Sprinkles xx

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  • Hi Sprinkles! Great news that you are moving forward and starting treatment soon :) I took Pregnacare Conception vitamins and DH took Wellman Conception. I think they're all pretty much the same? For our first cycle I did acupuncture. I wasn't sure how I felt about it but I had two sessions before ET and one after. We also ate clean, walked a lot and took time for ourselves. Anything that helps you to relax is good - colouring books, reading, box sets, walking; just take care of yourself and each other the best you can. Lots of luck for your treatment - keep us updated on your progress x x x

  • Aw thanks MommaBear I think I'm fretting more as we are self funding - DH has a child from a previous relationship, so although the problems are (mostly) on my side, we don't get any NHS help :-(

    I am booked in for acupuncture next week so will let you know how that goes! I love reflexology anyway but didn't know it was used so widely for IVF, I will book in with my usual lady soon too. Feeling all kinds of emotions at the moment, god help me when I start stimming lol. Thank you for your kind words, I definitely will keep you all updated Xxx

  • Oh I was an emotional wreck about the whole process right up until I started my jabs! After that I was so excited I think I just seemed to relax about the whole process! I am sure you will be just fine but when you have a bad day this is the best place to come for a little rant :) x x x

  • I do love a good rant lol... Hopefully I will be the same once we get going, I am on short protocol so should go over quite quickly... Then the 2ww to contend with... I do get ahead of myself sometimes though, I need to focus on making some juicy eggs first and foremost... One step at a time! How come you have to wait until Jan for your next ICSI btw huni? Or did you and DH decide for a little break from it all? Xx

  • We're NHS patients and at our hospital they tell us to wait 6 months, we have no say. They say it's so you can heal physically and emotionally which makes sense but it feels like such a long time away at the minute. We're just waiting on our consultation appointment to see if they will change anything for next time.

    Juicy eggs sounds good - if you figure out a way of getting them let me know! haha x x x

  • Lol it's the only phrase I can think of for them!! That is such a shame that they make you wait so long, I think each couple are different, some will need longer and others will be ready to go again fairly soon after. I hope they will bring it forward for you after your next appointment or have a look into changing the treatment like you say xxx

  • I think we're just completely at their mercy really. I have to remind myself that they're the experts and I have to have faith in what they tell me. I'll probably post when we get our new dates.

    I really hope this is your turn Sprinkles, it sounds like it's been an uphill struggle. Will be thinking of you x x x

  • Oh yes please keep me updated, I would say stay positive but I know it's a real roller coaster what you have been through so if you feel like crying then f*** it have a good cry!! Thanks lovely I will keep you updated on my cycle xxx

  • Good luck with your cycle! I would only advise to take one step at a time and deal with it as it comes. Celebrate each step and you'll be doing it before you even know it. This is your time to put yourself first so be utterly selfish too. Good luck! Xx

  • Thanks Daisy :-) I was thinking earlier, the time I had to wait to start my tablets, plus the ten days on them... That much time again and it will all be pretty much done! Keeping perspective will help hopefully, will keep you updated xx

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