Cost of drugs for IVF?

Hi. I've done one full IVF cycle and 3 FETs on the NHS and now looking at paying private for a second IVF cycle. I have no idea about the cost of the drugs... Anyone give me a rough ball park figure? May have changed but drug wise I had suprecur (down regulating drugs), menopur (stimulating drugs), elleste? (oestrogen for thickening the lining) and cyclogest (progesterone pessaries). Plus will be having prednisone.

Just will help to have a total budget.

Thanks ladies.

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  • It depends on your dosage of the stimming drugs as these were the most expensive bit. I paid about £1800 for all the drugs I needed, but was on highest dose for 12-13 days. I got them from asda last time instead of the clinic and it did save me a couple of £100. Hope that helps xx

  • Cheers for sharing.... I'm actually a bit shocked at how much the drugs can be! Wow.

  • I've been shocked at cost every step of way! Can be so hard to get true costs from the clinic sites. I was on 450 units a day when stimming so hopefully your costs will be a bit cheaper than mine xx

  • For buserelin and menopur and pessaries was about £500 x

  • Thanks x

  • Hi there. I'm on buserelin, menopur, ovritelle and cyclogest and mine was just under £300 from asda. I am on very low doses though. X

  • Thanks for posting... Are you doing mild IVF? Just wondered. X

  • Not that I know!! On past 2 cycles I do respond very well and at risk of OHSS so I'm only on 75 of menopor which is as low as possible. X

  • Oh I see! I responded a bit too well and had mild ohss on my previous IVF cycle. Got 17 eggs! Not sure what they will do with me this next time, but I would rather have less eggs and less pain.... Ended up in hospital after EC last time and was quite poorly still at transfer. Don't really want to repeat that bit. Good luck xx

  • What a nightmare. Ive had 21 and 18 eggs but fortunately no trip to hospital! They changed me from gonal f to menopor on second cycle and reduced dose. Cycle 3 will be on same dose of menopor but I'm also on metformin and inofolic to try and get quality over quantity. We wait and see!! Good luck with your cycle and fingers crossed it's less dramatic! X

  • i think on my cycles (a range of high to moderate doses) the drugs have been roughly £1000-£1,500. I spoke to Asda but didn't seem to be any cheaper than my local pharmacy- they did do us a small discount on the ones they could though.

  • Thanks... Will have to ring round and see what deals I can get... If any!

  • I got mine through Asda on rounds 2 and 3 and saved £500 on my drug package. Mine was bout £1500 as was on gonal F high doses as well as all the other u see it can vary. When u know what u take pop in asda or ring and they will tell u....all the best xxz

  • Cheers for the advice, will check with them their prices xx

  • Hey between 1750-2000

  • Just on the drugs? IVF is so expensive hey?

  • Totally😶

  • Hi, I found Biodose were the cheapest quote, I spent about £700 on my drugs with them.

    Good luck :-)

  • Thank you for the link, much appreciated x

  • No problem :-) Wishing you all the luck in the world for your next cycle xx ps. I just amended the email address slightly in my previous email.

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