1st cycle of IVF

Hi there,

Iv been ttc for 6 years with no success (diagnosed with PCOS), in December 2015 I was put on Clomid with scans once a month and trigger injection to ovulate for 6 months which was unsuccessful πŸ˜” That Clomid stuff sent me nuts!

I'm now on my first IVF cycle, today will be my 9th day of Stims. Not had a great response to the drugs so increased dosage as told to. After scan yesterday I have 5 follicles at 10mm. Going for scan tomorrow so hopefully more will show πŸ™πŸ»

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  • Oh sending lots of follicly luck your way. I started my first cycle yesterday and just feel totally exhausted xxx

  • I feel so drained it's unreal, been feeling sick too. Its my day off today so just chilling out as much as possible. Good luck to you with your cycle I hope it goes well for you. πŸ™‚ Xxx

  • Enjoy time to chill out and relax..as if you need an excuse but I am using this time to have guilt free sofa time as much as poss ..good luck xx

  • Good luck! im onto day 12 of down regulation and had no symptoms so far but ive heard stimming is the really exhausting part! xxxxx

  • I didn't have to do the down regulation as I'm on short protocol so not sure how that goes. But I feel absolutely exhausted today and very sick. Just struggling to get ready today, supposed to be going cinema 😭

  • I always think getting ready and getting my make up on makes me feel so much better! its a chore to do but once its done, you feel good! hope you feel better soon xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Been for scan today, follies are coming along slowly but surly πŸ˜¬πŸ‘πŸΌ

    Waiting for call to see if to carry on with normal dose. Back Monday for another scan.

  • Hey Lottypepper86 i have PCOS too and I also had issues with chlomid and was referred for IVF. During my first cycle, I was in the highest dosage in order for my follicles to grow. I know exactly how you are feeling. I did get there in the end as they collected 42 eggs during EC. I am sure you will get there in the end my love. Wishing you all the best. Let us know how you get on. Xx

  • Thank you Hun, I'll let you know how it's going xxx

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