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My ovulation suddenly stopped right before 1st IVF due to start - will I have a very late period? Is it still ok to start in the next cycle?

Any advice please: I stopped ovulating RIGHT BEFORE IVF due to start this month :(

I understand that IVF would override my natural cycle, but it is very strange and annoying that after a long wait, when we're due to start IVF this month (July 2016), my period hasn't come for me to start the down regulation on CD21..

In the past 3 years of TTC, I've been charting my BBT and using ovulation strips to test LH surge monthly, everything was normal until my previous cycle in May. In that cycle, although I had a LH surge, but I noticed my BBT didn't rise as usual, so I had a blood test done by my GP, confirmed that my CD21 progesterone was low, only 27nmol/L (might have ovulated but weak). During my current cycle (June), I persisted to do home tests on my ovulation, but there wasn't any LH surge at all, and BBT stays low. I still went ahead to repeat the CD21 progesterone test, and it was only 1.6nmol/L, which is anovulatory. This is very unusual because during our TTC, my charting never indicated any anovulatory cycle, and all my other pre-IVF hormone tests appeared to be normal.

Although I'm only 3 days late today, but since my blood test confirmed that I did not ovulate this cycle, it is very likely that I will either miss this period or have a very late ''bleeding'' due to no progesterone change. My clinic told me not to worry cos IVF drugs will override my cycle, doesn't matter if I ovulate or not in the next cycle, as long as I bleed, then we can start counting to my next CD21 for down regulation. But I'm concerned that even if my period comes late, it's not a normal period (may not shed completely and properly?!), and my body may not respond normally to the drugs, especially long protocol.

We also have an issue about my funding's deadline, so we cannot afford to wait any longer to start the 1st IVF...

We're due to have our implications appointment next week, not sure what the clinic would do, but anyone who has similar experience? What did your clinic do for you?

Many many thanks!

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Hi jenjen40. This is an awful nuisance when this happens, but as the clinic has suggested they can manipulate you with different IVF drugs. they could even try you on a short protocol, so as to "not" switch off your ovaries and go straight into stimulation. Hopefully this will be rectified for you. I do have a list of questions you might like to have a look through before you go back to the clinic, just in case there are one or two you hadn't thought of asking. The list is too long to add here, but if you email me in confidence to dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com I will send it to you. Good luck! Diane


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