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What happened to my body?


Hi, I posted 5 days ago about using ovulation kit.

I had a second failed IVF cycle in June. Before I start another one, I still want to try to conceive so I bought the clearblue ovulation test kit. My hormones profile has always been good.

I had estrogen surge 5 days ago and it keeps showing high estrogen. However, today, I opened a new package and it doesn’t detect any estrogen and Leutinating today. That means I didn’t ovulate? My main question is when will my period come then?

If I do not ovulate this cycle, will my period come this cycle? Will i ovulate again before the period or have period before ovulation?

I would like to know it to plan for leaves at work for my next IVF. If period doesn’t come this month, it becomes difficult to do IVF in September.

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It is possible to ovulate and have a (often delayed) period. I have the feeling this whole fertility treatment business messes a lot with the body. My last cycle was 21 days, usually it would be ~35 days, so no planning for whatever. It seems very confused. Hope your period arrives in time to start with your next cycle soon :)

Jenny_ in reply to Tigr

Thank you.

Since doing ovulation tests, I have noticed there are months that I don't ovulate. Could you only be noticing it because you are doing the ovulation tests. 99% of the time, my period comes every 24 days, there are the odd cycles when it's anywhere between 3 - 7 days late. And even on the times I don't ovulate, my period comes on time. My first cycle after my last cycle of ivf was different, it was definitely the hormones that affected it and it can just take your body time to get back to your "normal". If you've not ovulated when you would normally there still could be a chance that you could before your period, but because you've had your oestrogen surge I would have thought it unlikely that you will now ovulate and your period will come. Be careful with your ovulation tests, I know with the clear blue ones there is something in the instructions about making sure you use the same holder throughout the cycle (you say you opened a new package - was this just the sticks or sticks and holder?). The only other thing is, could you have missed your ovulation. Sometimes I have to test twice a day to make sure I actually detect my surge. Hope some of this helps xx

Jenny_ in reply to AnnieAnnie

Ah. I did use a different holder. I may try again using the old one when I get home.

AnnieAnnie in reply to Jenny_

Oh that may be the reason. 🤞🏼 and hopefully ovulation has taken place today xx

The Clearblue helpline told me not to use their opks for at least 3 months post MC or IVF cycle as your hormones are all over the place x

Jenny_ in reply to Daisy1245

That’s useful to know. Thanks.

It is poosible to have a period without ovulating. It is called an anovulatory period. This is my infertility issue. Despite 6 months of letrozole I always had a period and never ovulated. The other thing to remember is OPKs just predict ovulation they don't confirm. I think the only way to do that is by the doctor scanning and a progesterone test 7 days after ovulation should have occurred. Its so frustrating its not more precise!!!


Jenny_ in reply to EmGLA

Oh, it’s really annoying.

My doctor has referred me for blood tests but I don’t think it was progesterone. My temperature does suggest that I do have high progesterone after the ovulation. Everything was in good order before IVF cycle. I always detect the LH surge and period came after 13 day. Now, even the test holder doesn’t work.

Yes as far as I know you must use the same holder (as think it is comparing to previous) and also likely to need to test more than once per day so not to miss your surge (this is where also having the cheap sticks comes in!).

Sure I read something recently saying many women don’t see peak fertility with these and doesn’t necessarily mean you haven’t ovulated. I never got to “peak” one cycle, but had a AFC scan which showed I had ovulated.

All very frustrating!! xx

Jenny_ in reply to Shelleybean

That’s useful to know...thanks for your advice.

Jenny_ in reply to Jenny_

I now have another problem. If these holders remember the previous records, and I used a fresh holder while I had higher estrogen, would it invalidate my new holder because it wouldn’t detect the estrogen surge next time? I need to contact clearblue now to find out what has actually happened.

Daisy1245 in reply to Jenny_

Yes, you have to use the same holder and you HAVE to start on a specific day (think it’s day 7) of your cycle as it uses that as the baseline and then works out ovulation from there. The tests are only accurate when used exactly as described in the instructions unfortunately xx

Shelleybean in reply to Jenny_

Sorry just seen this. Daisy has given you good advice. Hope you got sorted xx

Jenny_ in reply to Shelleybean

Yes, Shelley. I used my old holder again and it had a flashing face. It looks like that the holder does remember the previous reading.

Shelleybean in reply to Jenny_

Oh phew! Glad it all worked out ok xx

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