Head Mush! DE FET transfer in natural cycle advice please!!

I've had to become an expert over the years in endometriosis, IVF, hyperthyroid, adenomyosis & now more, my head is total mush & I need help u lovely ladies out there! Am soon to have a FET after DE cycle freeze all. Doing FET in a natural cycle due to v.angry endometriosis not liking nasty oestrogen drugs. Anyone had a FET in a natural cycle? I'm at Man.Fertility. Never got a frozen embryo from all my rounds of IVF so this is all new territory & i'm feeling v vulnerable! Currently tracking my LH surge, did anyone have a scan prior to transfer/when was that?/did you have any blood tests?/do they just thaw one embryo & how long does that process take? Do u just take progesterone afterwards, like in IVF? Any feedback greatfully received as it's hurting my head! X

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  • I've just had a natural modified fet, that's to say I'm taking Lubion injections along side the pessaries. I had my first scan on cycle day 10. The next scan I had was cd14 which was also the day I got my positive opk. The scan confirmed I was ovulating as the follicle was beginning to fold in on itself. So you will get a few scans to track/confirm ovulation. Then around 5 days later I had transfer. On the morning of transfer one embryo is thawed (if you're having one at et). If it were to perish they would go into the next one, and so on. I got my call at dinner time to tell me how our embryo was doing... Survival rate of the embryo is quite high at 80/90% so try not too worry too much.. Then you'll go in for transfer. I didn't have any blood tests. Good luck 🍀 xx

  • Thanks so much for the info love. I've had to push just to get 1 scan which I thought was unusual knowing from repeated IVF how crucial it is to make sure the lining is thick enough for implantation. They weren't going to do a scan but I've asked for one 2 days post LH surge, I think they do the transfer 6 days post surge. Thanks very much for the thawing info, really helpful, higher survival rate than I expected too! Good luck with your cycle and thanks v much for your input, hope you're keeping well x

  • Yes thank you. I got my bfp last Friday. I'm 5 weeks today 😊 xx

  • Fab news, fingers crossed all goes well, u so deserve this xx

  • I had a FET in a natural cycle and am nearly 12 weeks pregnant now. Scan on Thursday!!

    I had to call clinic when ovulation peaked and a few days later I was in having the transfer. They thaw one to start and as long as it survives the thawing process you're ready to go. I just had a day to go in and had to wait for the call late morning to let me know what time to go in. Every clinic is different though I guess. I found it so much kinder on my body and did feel slightly more relaxed about as no crazy hormones messing with my head. Hope all goes well xx

  • Thanks so much for your reply. Congratulations on the result too, really hope your scan goes well on Thursday! Yes I'm all for a natural cycle after the whirlwind of IVF, the drugs destroyed my system & made my endo really bad, so am looking forward to a softer, less impactful approach hopefully!!

    So you didn't have any scan prior to transfer then? It's over a year since I did IVF & I've requested a scan to check lining will be ok. Thanks for the info on the thawing, really helpful. Did you take progesterone afterwards like normal ivf?

    Best of luck on Thursday & thanks for your input x

  • Hi Hun sorry to hear about your experience with your 1st IVF. Did they offer you endometrial scratch or embryo glue for this time round?

  • Hi, I've had 5 failed IVF cycles, was never offered a scratch or embryo glue as I've never had an embryo go to day 5 to transfer unfortunately. Fingers crossed with the DE route as last hope! X

  • Sorry to hear that good luck hunnie x

  • Thank you, life's a battle but one day some good will come...it's a cruel world if it doesn't!! X

  • It's definitely a much softer approach.

    I didn't have a scan until I arrived for the transfer.

    I didn't have progesterone either (thank god, that stuff sent me loopy the time before) but things may be different if you have endo??

    Feel free to ask any questions Hun.

    Thanks, hoping Thursday goes well and I can relax a bit more xx

  • Yes, that's what I'm hoping for! IVF & its nasty drugs totally battered me!! A softer approach will be very much welcomed!

    I think it depends on clinic re progesterone post transfer, I've had 2 different clinics both which have used progesterone after egg collection and that stuff is evil too, I'm with you there, horrible stuff. It's taken me a year to feel normal again after IVF, I really don't want more drugs!! I don't think having endo makes a difference, progesterone is supposed to calm it down but it just brings with it stack loads of other problems for me.

    Thanks so much for your help and wishing you all the best for Thursday xx

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