What does your clinic do to ensure CD21 is a good time to start down-reg for you?

Anyone's IVF clinic does a scan for you before CD21 to ensure the timing is acceptable to start your down-reg drugs on long protocol? I was told by my clinic to put away all my tests (LH surge test strips & BBT thermometer) and just start down-reg drugs on CD21, which will be the beginning of August.

But I am struggling to accept that I will definitely ovulate on time this month, cos I just had 2 unusual cycles (probably due to stress), current cycle was 14 days late, which never happened before...

AF finally arrived a few days ago, but I am traumatized by the delay, lost faith on my normal ovulation timing which was always quite on time until this cycle...

I know the idea of IVF is it doesn't matter too much if ovulation definitely happened before down-reg, but I'd like it to, just to minimise stress and unnecessary extension of down-reg or further treatments for a delayed AF...

But my clinic doesn't seem to think this is important cos they would rather fix it later. Not sure if I should insist on getting a scan or testing the ovulation like I always do at home??

Thank you so much for reading and thanks in advance if you're able to share. Xx

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  • Hi jenjen40, I am on the long protocol and started my treatment on CD21. I understand it's a lot to take in and worry about but trust in your clinic. Before I used my nasal spray for the first time I was so nervous and my husband and I were bickering. It made me realise I was more nervous about finally starting IVF I've read lots of journals and looked up Sara Mathews work (Portland hospital, London). All indicate starting on CD21 for long protocol.

    Be excited your nearly on your journey.

    Good luck


  • Thanks very much, Lucyloo81 :) I will try to be positive and stay hopeful.

    All the best for you xx

  • Thank you we won't be too far apart so if you need to ask anything i am here xx

  • Thank you so much Lucyloo81 :)) My first day of Buserelin injection will be the 2nd of August, baseline scan the 17th. Well done for the good start! All the best! xx

  • You have to remember that if you are having a medicated cycle then your body's natural cycle doesn't really matter as IVF takes over.

    If you have short cycles then they start you a couple of days earlier (CD19), otherwise it's CD21.

    You might be getting stressed with the IVF approaching, hence your cycles changing.

    Your first scan will probably be a week after starting down regs.

    You'll be fine once you've started X

  • Thanks very much for the encouragement, Hollibob :)

    I'm hoping it is purely stress that changed my cycle and nothing else hidden is going on - but I have no control over these things I don't know anyway... Will try to let go...!

  • It affects us all differently to be honest. You can guarantee the month you want to start your body will kick in later than usual and that when you want to have your bleed during down reg, it'll keep you guessing too.

    You'll have lots of questions and that's because it means so much to you X

  • So true... it means so much, therefore letting go of control is scary (but necessary...)!

  • Hi jenjen40

    I know how stressful anxiety ridden this time can be, although I've been through 1 long protocol and am currently in the middle of a fet cycle I'm no expert but as I understand it doesn't really matter as the IVF overrides everything.

    I think the main thing is that you have a period whilst on the down-reg drugs, if you don't they would probably just keep you on them longer till you have done. I know it's really hard but it's important to try and just go with the flow of it all and trust your clinic, they know their stuff and want this to work for you too. I was very stressed during my first cycle and found every tiny change frustrating and upsetting but I've learnt to try and go with it this time, it unfortunately is a process you have to give yourself over too πŸ˜• I hope that doesn't sound patronising, it wasn't meant to. I just know how difficult it all is and how it messed with your head.

    I hope things go really well for you xx

  • Thank you very much Georgina78 :)

    It's such a blessing to hear and know that I'm not the only one on this journey...

    I've just turned 40 in June, so guess I have a little more sentimental stuff going on in my mind which may contribute to the changes in my cycle...

    Hoping all the best for you Georgina78 xx

  • Hi jenjen40 sorry for the delay, been a busy few days. You're definitely not alone, it's such a hard process to go through but everyone on here is definitely here for you and you can bet you'll never feel anything one of us hasn't felt or even is feeling right then too!

    The age thing is definitely something that stresses you even more isn't it, like we need further stress 😩 I'm 38 (and a half!) and am literally the only of my friends without children, most having 2 or even 3. It just adds to the sense of panic but women definitely have children into their forties more commonly these days.

    Hope you're feeling a bit better about it all and things go well for you xx

  • Hi Georgina78, thank you for the very kind words. Yes, I do feel a lot better after receiving the clinic's scheduled treatment plan. (First day of Buserelin injection will be the 2nd of August, baseline scan the 17th.) Yes, it really doesn't help when all the friends have 2 or 3 children... They envy our date nights and holiday on our own, etc, but we've had enough of just the two of us... lol

    All the best to you for your FET - I've heard lots of success stories and will pray that yours being another one. xx

  • So glad you feel a bit better, it really is a process of ups & downs isn't it πŸ˜• Thanks so much for your wishes, the same to you too xx

  • Thank you lovely ladies for your kind words & encouragement. You're absolutely right that I need to let go and trust the clinic...

    I'm trying very hard not to say the ''but'' word, BUT... Isn't there a good reason to start down-reg (Buserelin in my case) around CD21, which is the Luteal phase of a natural cycle, so we know ovulation has occurred, and no more big follicles still developing or ready to burst? My theory is by doing so, it is more likely to bleed naturally during down-reg, therefore avoid extending the down-reg, also prevent from having to take more drugs to induce the bleeding?

    (Only down side I can think of is - if I'm too stressed about testing my natural ovulation during this cycle, I may be late again or MISS IT and miss my golden chance to start on CD21 like they instructed me to...!)

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