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Open myomectomy experience

Hi all. I had a 12cm fibroid removed on Monday and before I did, I was looking for articles and personal experiences on what to expect. I found some but I like lots of detail so I thought I'd write this in case anyone else is in the same situation in future and needs another perspective.

The fibroid was found while endometriosis was being removed during a laparoscopy and my consultant strongly advised that I wouldn't be pain free and able to carry a pregnancy to term unless I had it removed.

The day came and I had a spinal anesthetic and was asleep for the whole op which took about an hour and a half plus recovery room time. I'm glad I had the spinal because it ended up giving me an entirely painfree first day post op. On the morning of day 2 in hospital I actually googled why I didn't have any pain after such a big fibroid was removed! The pain did set in later that day and I was given Oxynorm which is basically morphine which puts you into a virtually Pain free haze for a number of hours which is lovely. Day 3 brought strong nausea from the oxynorm though and wretching when you've had stomach surgery is to be avoided and beyond painful. I had an antisickness injection which worked but also asked to stop the oxynorm and went onto Tramadol and Nefopam which worked well as long as I had a bit to eat with them. I was also grateful they made me sleepy because the fatigue that set in from day 3 is brutal so you need your rest and lots of naps. Eating helps too although keep it light because your stomach needs a break from digesting heavy stuff. Oh and the constipation from oxynorm and surgery is terrible. I'm on day 5 and still can't go properly so remember to take all the laxatives the hospital gives you and drink plenty of water.

I'm on day 5 and back home after 3 nights in hospital. I've been hobbling around a bit, not leaving the house yet but just trying the stairs and simple jobs. When I've tried to reach down to empty the dishwasher and washing machine, I've felt immediately in pain so I stopped doing it!

Hope this helps someone in the future, happy to answer any questions.

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Hi AnnaB1979. Well you've come out of it OK, so just down to recuperation and some tlc. Often people don't realise how constipating morphine can be - not nice trying to strain with a sore tummy. If you still struggle with this, then get your GP to write you up for a couple of glycerin suppositories, as they would help. Hope the rest of your recovery goes well and you are soon very much active again. Thinking of you. Diane


Aw thank you Diane. X


Thank you for sharing this I am having my surgery in a couple of days and

Couldn’t be more grateful for

Your post! Wish me luck x


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