Anyone had a myomectomy?

Hi all, has anyone had a myomectomy? I've had endo removed and they've found a 13cm fibroid which will cause problems with a pregnancy which we hope for post recovery so the consultant will be removing it in June. I'd be really interested in the basics of recovery, hospital stay, pain levels, emotional side effects during recovery, return to work. Thanks everyone X 

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  • Hiya 

    I had one.... The recovery isn't that bad but everyone is different mine went smoothly... You will be left with the pubic line scaring and possibly a small belly scar where they have the stitches but it's a minor.

    I was up and about in a day or 2 and they let me home 4 days later. Obviously you can't do strenuous stuff like lifting or anything gentle walks.

    Emotionally I was fine and the return back to work was ok too try not to sit all day get up and walk around or you become tight and it can be a little painful.

    All in all I didn't find it too hard and was well back on the road within a few weeks.

    Good luck x

  • That's really helpful, thanks a lot. Xx

  • Hi AnnB1979.  Just to wish you well with this when you have it done.  It all depends upon how you have it done really, but "Tamtam1" has given you a pretty good outline.  Good luck!  Diane

  • Thanks a lot, I'm sure I'll be on here lots during my recovery when I'm stuck in bed! Xx

  • Hi AnnaB1979.  Oh bless you!  I'm sure you will be looked after well.  Good luck!  Diane

  • Hi, I had my abdominal myomectomy yesterday and have woken up today with no pain even though I've only had 4 paracetamol. Although this is much better then expected in terms of pain, I just wondered if it's the calm before the storm and it may hurt more later? I've got access to a morphine equivalent but haven't needed it yet. Thanks again!

  • Yep. I've had one too. My fibroid was about 11cm and calcified so rock hard and they still managed to remove via key hole surgery. Operation took 3 hours and I was up and going to the bathroom 1 hour later. I had a couple of stitches in belly button,a couple on pubic line and one either side of my tummy that have almost faded now. Op went well. Only lost 25 ml of blood and same in urine. Easy to walk and lie down, but not easy to go from lying to standing and vice versa as stitches deep inside where fibroid removed. Painful to do a no 2 for a few days but the relief from pelvic/fibroid pain was immediate. Even easier to sleep at night and tummy looked trimmer. Within 4 or 5 days back to normal swimming and gyming. Much better sex life too!

  • That's brilliant, thanks so much

  • Hi Anna,

    I am on the NHS list for a myomectomy, I am looking at Jan 2017. How did yours go? Did you take Zoladex injections? I'm about to start them and feeling anxious about it all :(

  • Hey,

    It's not exactly a fun operation but the more I read about it, the more scared I got and to be honest, although the recovery was tough, it does gradually get better and you do get stronger as long as you give yourself lots of time. I've got heaps of recovery tips if and when you need them. I went back on standard contraceptive pills after the op for my endometriosis but no zoladex because we were going to try for a baby after 3mths. Just let me know if I can help at all. Xx

  • Thanks Anna, I feel emotional about it all but it has to be done as it's affecting my periods and fertility.. must try and be positive xx

  • Yeah it's a really tough one. I even thought about not doing it but then my consultant said if I got pregnant I'd harm the baby and not to mention the fact that it was causing me horrible bloating and back pain. It really is worth it. Just make sure you get good painkillers from them and buy lots of comfy clothes to wear for 6weeks or so afterwards. Like I said, I'm here for lots more tips nearer the time if you need me.

  • Many thanks Anna, did you have to have Zoladex injections 3 months beforehand?

  • I didn't, the consultant said it wouldn't help shrink the already grapefruit sized fibroid so I'd be taking a drug for the sake of it so all I had was the pill for my endometriosis and good painkillers.

  • I'm dreading the zoladex, as heard it contributes to weight gain.. need that like hole in the head :( but that's my journey and I have to take it x

  • Aw I'm sorry, I've found the same with the pill. Hate taking it and unless I'm really strict, it makes me eat loads. Keep in touch once you have your date.

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