Hi lovely ladies I wondered if I could ask your advice about supplements to take during IVF. I'm currently down-regging, due to start stims 22nd June & have been taking Pregnacare Conception tablets for a few months (had a false start with the process last month). I've read that co-q10 can also be helpful and DHEA especially for older women like myself. I want to do the best I can to help my chances but I don't want to take anything that could harm or hinder the process. We're doing self-fund at an nhs hospital and the ladies there are lovely but not very forthcoming with advice especially on any alternative methods to help fertility. Please could you help Thanks so much x x x

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  • Taking pregnacare is fine, I did and if anything midwives and doctors advise it especially when you see them post getting pregnant. It's very much vitamins based.

  • Hi. I took Pregnacare before conception for 3months prior to starting ivf. Pregnacare max which must be taken after pregnancy has been confirmed.

  • I took pregnacare 3 months before ivf and still now at 13 weeks pregnant. I took a omega oil as well its was expensive but i think worth it, started that a couple of weeks before ivf (you can also get from space nk) i took two capsules a day, vital for brain development of baby and they are totally safe (you have to be careful with oils like cod liver oil you cant take when pregnant). Also vit d good but you have that in pregnacare and just try and get 15 mins of sunshine a day. I had a very healthy diet, loads fruit veg protein, stopped caffeine a long time ago, cut out spicy foods and chocolate and fizzy drinks until 12 weeks and it worked for us first time. Felt like i did everything i could of. Good luck xx

  • Hi read 'it starts with the eggs' by Rebecca fett. Ubiquinol, melatonin, omega3, myo-inositol, folic acid & a pre-natal are all good for the older lady. DHEA is good for when you're older or have low egg reserve. The book covers all the pros/cons & how much you should take & when. Normally you take for at least 1 month before treatment. Melatonin however is only taking during the treatment part so if you only day 1supplement add this until EC day. It's recommended to take 3mg a day. I've just found out you can buy it on biovea. Good luck X

  • I'm starting 19th July and raking pregnacare vit c and omega 3 all recommended by my acupuncture lady xo

  • I had reflexology and acupuncture (hubby had some as well) as well as taking high level folic acid (both of us) and vitamin C (for both of us) and vitamin E. DHEA wasn't suggested even though I'm over 40. It seems to vary clinic to clinic. I also had 1 litre of semi skimmed milk (yuck) during treatment cycles.

    No idea if any of this made a difference as got BFNs, but it wouldn't have done any harm.

  • Thanks so much lovely ladies for all your advice 😘 It's all mind boggling what's best to do or not do so I really appreciate your guidance Baby dust to all xxx

  • I'm taking pregnacare conception tablets and started taking Omega 3-6-9 Flexseed tablets. I'm getting out in the sunshine as much as I can as well, soaking up that vitamin D! Good luck :) x

  • Thanks @daisy32 Best of luck to you too πŸ€πŸ˜Š X

  • I'm taking the Zita West vitamins (vitafem and the boost) three times a day and hub took the one for men until EC. We both also take the zita west DHA tablets twice a day and I take the vit D spray too. I also take a higher dose of folic acid. The zita west tablets have all the vitamins mentioned in the "it starts with the egg" book by Rebecca fett that poochi mentioned. I'd recommend that book too, as well as zita west's complete guide to fertility and IVF. the vits are quite pricey but if you shop around on reputable websites you can get about 20% off xxx

  • Just thought i'd add if you're worried about adding all the suggestions with it being so close to treatment then just double up on your folic acid. It is impossible to overdose on this and is vital for baby development so you know its good for you.

    The added bonus is that it improves egg quality. I'm taking 1000iu a day and i've heard some people take up to 4000iu a day. Good luck x

  • Thanks poochi , good tip πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š x

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