Not sure what to expect?!

Hey lovely ladies

After a successful sperm retrieval last week I now have an appointment tomorrow. I really don't know what to expect. At our 1st consultation they very nicely advised us to concentrate on my other half. Basically get some sperm and come back. Well that's been done but what now. They roughly said we could start the IVF process following the retrieval and in my next cycle but I am due tomorrow. I'm feeling a little anxious and emotional but positive too. I am having cuddles with the cats and watching the soaps. I was just wondering if anyone has any advice.

Thanks ladies xxx

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  • Just try to take each day at a time and you will be fine: your about to start a wonderful journey that may change your life forever xx

  • Hey

    Thank you so much for the lovely message and good advice. I think I'm trying to over think.

    How are you? A massive congratulations on your miracle xx

  • I'm great thanks still can't believe it! How did your appointment go? Xx

  • Hey

    I bet it was such an amazing surprise.

    The appointment went really well thank you. I've got my treatment plan and the spray so I'm quite excited xx

  • That's great news that you have a plan already. I guess once you get the go ahead it's quite fast really x

  • Hey hun

    How are you doing?

    I think it's so fast as we opted to go private. My gran and grandad died this year and left me some money. We know they would be so pleased if they could see us spending it this way xxx

  • Im sure that's exactly what they would have wanted you to do. A great way to spend your inheritance!

    We're private as well because the waiting list in Scotland is at least 12 months. You'll have experienced the very expensive sperm retrieval op price too then. My Oh keeps saying 3 grand to get my testicles sliced open 😂

  • Thanks hun. The waiting lists are crazy!

    Ohh bless you have just made me giggle with that. He's not experienced the pain yet either. Tbh my OH has recovered really quickly. He's got eternal brownie points though xx

  • Oh you are so lucky. My OH is a wimp and even a cold leads to massive whinging.

    I've been trying to convince his mum to take him back to her house for recuperation but she's having none of it. She said I was silly enough to take him so I can keep him when he's ill 😂.

  • Uh uh sounds like you are in trouble! Lol! I was fully prepared to play nurse but my OH was more worried about me. As soon as he came round he was asking for me and was more concerned I would be worried about him. Bless them both though. The lengths and tests of infertility it's a massive thing for any man to do. It's good you've got the support of parents. My OH hadn't told anyone until after the op when he spoke to his sister - big sigh of relief! How is your OH? Xx

  • You are right, it is so tough on the guys. When their sperm is called into question it's almost as if their masculinity is too😔

    We've been trying to distract ourselves with waiting for appointments. A few weeks ago we randomly decided to buy a new house on a whim that needs lots of work and get the keys on Friday. Total impulse buy but he is so focused on planning all the jobs that time is flying in. An expensive distraction though 😳.

    We have told his family, who are very supportive, but not mine, who are not x

  • It is so tough on them! I'm glad his family are supportive but sorry to hear about yours. We've no parents between us but I've got an amazing sister and his sister is wonderful too.

    Ohh congratulations on the house. We are in a similar boat with that one too. We got a place in March 2016 and we have been doing it up ever since. We've done loads to it and it's been a fantastic distraction. We are so close to moving in now. Its been tough at times too. I often wonder whether it will be the family home we were planning on it being. My OH is there tonight. I've got to admit I'm being lazy and catching up with the soaps xx

  • What a coincidence that we both have the same distraction lol. Hopefully you get moved in soon.

    I suppose all we can do is stay positive I suppose. I'm sure both of us will have a family home in some way or another.

    New houses, new starts 🤞x

  • So true hun. Sending lots of positive wishes. So here's to new homes and new starts xx

    Have a good day I'm off for acupuncture and then to work on project forever home xx

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